Episode 4

Scene 1

Shane notices Brandon starting to look pale.

Shane Shepard: Are you alright?

Brandon reveals a zombie bite on his stomach.

Brandon Bennett: Don't tell the others.

Shane Shepard: Brandon's been bit!!!

The others runs towards the two.

Lucas Lewis: Show us the bite.

Brandon Bennett: What are you talking about?

Dylan Nelson: We're not stupid.

Dylan grabs Brandon's arms together.

Tara Collins: I'll lift his shirt up.

Tara lifts the shirt up, and everyone sees the wound. Just as Carlos was about to put him down, Brandon ducks down.

Brandon Bennett: Tie me to a tree, and leave me.

The survivor proceeds to applying to Brandon's wish. The survivors begins to become sadden as they leave Brandon behind after they finished scavenging the camp.

Scene 2

Carlos lights up a cigar as he sits in the RV.

Shane Shepard: No smoking.

Carlos Wilson: We'll all die soon from this new world.

Benji Wilson: Don't say that, brother.

Carlos Wilson: Didn't you see what the hell happened to our old group? Zombie overran the place, killing some of our people. Allie died back there due to her cancer.

Benji Wilson: We can't give up.

Nicholas Holton: The man's made his choice.

Bud Porter: I've lost my brother back at the camp from zombies. I ain't giving up like a fucking pussy.

Carlos Wilson: Are you calling me a pussy? You don't know me, bastard.

Bud stands up, and is about to punch Carlos just as Tommy grabs his arm.

Tommy Loggins: Don't waste your energy on trying to hurt him.

Bud sits backs down.

The survivors arrives at a fortified gate just as two survivors of the place walks towards the RV.

Josh Black: Welcome to the FEMA Facility.

Brent Mitchell: Everyone must exit from the RV or we'll be forced to shoot.

Josh Black: Calm down, Brent.

The survivors exits from the RV, and follows the two into the area.

Scene 3

The scientist greets the survivors at the lobby of the facility.

Greg Mazzara: Welcome.

Lucas Lewis: There better not be any of tricks around here or I promise that I'll hurt you.

Greg Mazzara: Don't worry.

Josh follows the survivors as just Greg and Brent rushes out of the facility.

The alarms starts to go off.

Alarm System: Building will be self-destructed in 10 minutes.

Greg Mazzara: We're allowing you all the easy way out.

Greg shoots Brent in the head as he gets into his car, and drives off through a part of the fortified wall.

Josh Black: Fucking asshole betrayed me.

Lucas Lewis: You better find a way for all of us to escape this.

Tara Collins: Why not give up?

Carlos Wilson: I agree.

Bud Porter: Same here.

Benji Wilson: Brother, don't do it!!!

Dylan shoots the emergency box, and looks as the metal blockade opens up.

Lucas Lewis: Let's go.

The survivors except for Tara and Bud runs away from the area as Benji drags Carlos away. The survivors watches as the facility explodes.

Carlos Wilson: You snapped me out of my problem.

Benji ignores Carlos.


  • Brandon Bennett (Alive)
  • Brent Mitchell
  • Tara Collins
  • Bud Porter

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