Episode 5

Scene 1

Maya leans her head on Lucas' shoulder.

Maya Lewis: Have you forgiven me?

Lucas Lewis: Yes. I don't want to lose you due to Chris' influence.

Maya smiles at Lucas. Tommy, Benji, and Nicholas walks towards the two.

Nicholas Holton: Where to?

Lucas Lewis: We'll need to try to find a community or something like that.

The survivors prepares to pack up. Josh walks towards the RV.

Josh Black: Can I come?

Lucas Lewis: No.

Josh backs away from the RV as it drives away.

Scene 2

The survivors proceeds to drive down a dirt path, which leads up to a walled community.

Douglas Denver: What's this place's name?

Lucas Lewis: Based on the signs, it's called the Harrison Colony.

A guard of the colony walks towards the survivors.

Dan Reynolds: Welcome to the Harrison Colony. Drive to the gate, and we'll need everyone to exit from the RV once you get to the gate.

Lucas Lewis: Got it.

Lucas proceeds to drive the RV to the gate, and the others exits from the RV as another guard walks up to them.

Nathan DeVries: We wanted all of you to exit from your RV to ensure that you're not bandits or raiders. First of all, you all must place your weapons into the bins to the side of myself. Argue with the direct orders, and you'll be forced to leave here or else...

Carlos Wilson: Or else what?

Nathan DeVries: We'll kill you in self-defense. I'm a man trying to guard here, and I want to see my son grow up. Let's simply place the weapons into the bin or you all can leave here.

Lucas and the other group members places their weapons into the bins.

Nathan DeVries: Daisy, bring the weapons to the armory.

Daisy Ruth: Got it, Nathan.

Daisy brings the bins into the armory entrance.

Lucas Lewis: Is there jobs for us to do?

Another guard arrives.

Patrick Henry: That depends on your interests told towards my father, George. He's the man in charge here.

Nathan DeVries: Patrick will give you all a tour of the place. I know that you all aren't stupid, but we aren't stupid either, so don't think to trying anything to try to hurt or kill any of the members of the colony. Hope that you all decide to stay here.

Scene 3

As the survivors follows Patrick, Emilio and Lucas slowly follows.

Emilio Hughes: Lucas, do you think that we should attempt to stay?

Lucas Lewis: Yes.

Emilio Hughes: When will you try to take control?

Lucas Lewis: When it's the right time to do so.


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