Episode 7

Scene 1

Days goes by as Lucas begins to know more about the colony.

Lucas Lewis: George personally overthrew and killed the original leader, Nelson. He then killed Terry as he and Tony were running away. Tony was the only brother of the Harrison Family to escape.

Lucas is shocked by the facts that George was a high ranked guard.

Lucas Lewis: So George is similar to Macbeth from Shakespeare's book "Macbeth"......

Scene 2

George sits in his basement, and sees a picture frame of the Harrison brothers.

George Henry: Nelson and Terry, I'm sorry for your deaths. I fucked up.

George smashes the picture frame, and cries.

Scene 3

Dan and the supply runs, excluding Nathan, goes on a scouting run with Shane.

Dan Reynolds: So you need us to guard you while you look for an RV battery?

Shane Shepard: Yes.

Carlos Wilson: You don't need that damn RV, Shane.

Emilio Hughes: Shut it.

Shane Shepard: That RV has been mine for 40 years since my father gave it me.

The survivors arrives at a warehouse, and sees zombies coming at them. Carlos and Emilio are forces to run into an alley as Dan and Austin defends Shane.

Dan Reynolds: We must kill those zombies....

A zombie sneaks behind Dan, and bites him in the neck. Dan begins to panic, and is soon getting devoured by zombies.

Austin Ramy: Shane, go while you can.

A zombie bites into Austin's shoulder. Austin points his gun on himself, and commits suicide.

Scene 4

A zombie manages to get into the colony, and bites Patrick in the neck.

Patrick Henry: Help me!!!

Josh shoots the zombie in the head, and stabs Patrick in the head. The other residents looks on in horror.

Loki Wells: Why wasn't anyone on guard?

Shane runs back into the colony.

Shane Shepard: The mission went wrong. Emilio and Carlos are splitted from the rest. Dan and Austin are dead.

Nicholas walks up to Shane.

Nicholas Holton: Stay here for now on. You're too old to even go on a search run.

Shane Shepard: Dan told me to.

Ava Reynolds: That's bullshit! You killed Dan!!!

Ava pulls a gun out on Shane, but Lucas exits from his house, and shoots her in the head.

Lucas Lewis: Anyone else wants to see some shit to my friend?

The crowd remains silent.

Scene 5

Carlos and Emilio are trapped in the alley as zombies begins to trap the two. A corpse of a member of the colony lays on the ground in the alley.

Emilio Hughes: Nathan told me that there was a man named Jared Close that was missing, and the descriptions matches it.

A zombie grabs Carlos, and begins to bite into his chest, and disembowels Carlos. Emilio then panics, and runs into one of the house, and locks the door, and gets knocked out by a masked man.

Gerald Waynes: We got someone from that Harrison Colony.

Scene 6

Maya looks as Grant and Logan leaves the house.

Maya Lewis: Leon, can you check on Grant and Logan?

Leon Lewis: Sure.

Leon looks outside as a masked bandit holding a dagger begins to chase after Grant and Logan. Maya pulls him away from the window. Lucas runs into the house.

Lucas Lewis: We're under attack!!!


  • Nelson Harrison (Confirmed Fate)
  • Terry Harrison (Confirmed Fate)
  • Dan Reynolds
  • Austin Ramy
  • Patrick Henry
  • Ava Reynolds
  • Jared Close (Confirmed Fate)
  • Carlos Wilson

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