New Life is a story written by TWDFan630. It'll focus on a teen after the zombie apocalypse kills 75% of humanity.


Nathan must make decisions that'll determines who he trust or not, who he spares or executes, and who's his enemy or his friends.

Timeline: 9/21/15



Nathan's Neighborhood

  • Nathan DeVries(Unknown)
  • Shaun Henry(Dead)
  • Bernard Harris(Dead)
  • Doug Crere(Dead)
  • Unnamed Neighbor 1(Dead)
  • Unnamed Neighbor 2(Dead)

The Marauders

  • Tim(Dead)
  • Boyd(Dead)
  • Joyce(Dead)
  • Mark(Dead)
  • Alice(Dead)
  • Logan(Dead)

Matthew's Group

  • Matthew Chandler(Dead)
  • Royce McLane(Dead)
  • Salazar Timmons(Dead)
  • Jacob York(Dead)

Gas Station Survivors

  • Rick Smith(Dead)
  • Unnamed Survivor(Dead)

US Military

  • The General(Zombified)
  • Sgt. Griggs(Unknown)
  • Pvt. Parker(Unknown)
  • Unnamed Soldier 1(Dead)
  • Unnamed Soldier 2(Dead)


  • The Main Protagonist is confirmed to be very similar to the real counterpart, which is the author.
    • The name will be the same, but his lifestyle is different(In this story, he's socialable. In Real Life, he's kinda shy, but tends to be more socialable.

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