Nathan and the others searches the woods near the school, and finds blood on a log. As Salazar goes on a piss break, a zombie attacks him, and bites on his back. "Leave me here! I'm infected!!!" Nathan and the two teens rushes out of the woods, and Nathan spots the marauders that he saw a day earlier. "Hide!!!" As Nathan and the two others hides, the marauders finds them, and pushes them into a line formation. One of the marauders pushes a teenager towards them. "Jacob!!!" One of the marauders slits Royce's throat, and another shoots Matthew in the head. "No!!!" The leader kicks Nathan in the head, knocking him out.

As Nathan wakes up, Jacob and another survivor gives him some water and food. "You've been out for an hour. They're dead now. This guy saved us." Nathan looks at the man, and realizes that it's Shaun. "Shaun! You're alive!!!' "Yeah! I know I am! I ran into a large store, and hid in it. I camped there for the night. The next day, I was walking down the road, and then I heard a gunshot. I killed the others."

Nathan, Shaun, and Jacob packs up their stuff, and heads into the high school, and finds it with zombies. "Shit....." The three gets into the truck, and drives to a gas station, where a man is guarding the gas pump. "Let us....." The man shoots his rifle at the three. Nathan grabs a pistol, and shoots the man in the stomach, wounding him. "I...." "He ain't dead yet." Jacob exits the truck, and walks up to the wounded man, and stabs him in the head. "I thought...." "God would want us to survive this. We need to protect each other. That man was a enemy. You did good." Another man exits the gas station, and Nathan aims his pistol. "Surrender and drop your gun. Don't make me shoot!!!" Nathan walks up to the man, and sees a tag on his shirt, saying Rick Smith. Nathan realizes that he's one of his childhood enemies. "What are you gonna do? Shoot your friend?" "You aren't my friend." Nathan shoots Rick several times in the chest, killing him. Jacob and Shaun becomes scared of Nathan. "Yeah, Protection!!!" As Shaun tries to knock Nathan out, Nathan shoots him in the leg. "Don't think about it." Shaun returns to the truck. "I thought that you were gonna kill us also." "I am not crazy. I need survivors. More survivors, easier survival results."


  • Nathan DeVries
  • Shaun Henry
  • Tim
  • Boyd
  • Mark
  • Alice
  • Logan
  • Matthew Chandler
  • Royce McLane
  • Salazar Timmons
  • Jacob York
  • Unnamed Gas Station Survivor
  • Rick Smith


  • Salazar Timmons
  • Royce McLane
  • Matthew Chandler
  • Tim(Confirmed Fate)
  • Boyd(Confirmed Fate)
  • Mark(Confirmed Fate)
  • Alice(Confirmed Fate)
  • Logan(Confirmed Fate)
  • Unnamed Survivor
  • Rick Smith


  • First appearance of Jacob York.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Rick Smith.
  • Last appearance of Tim.
  • Last appearance of Boyd.
  • Last appearance of Mark.
  • Last appearance of Alice.
  • Last appearance of Logan.
  • Last appearance of Matthew Chandler.
  • Last appearance of Royce McLane.
  • Last appearance of Salazar Timmons.

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