Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 30
Occupation Propane Sellsman 

Unnamed (Mother)

Unnamed (Father)

First Appearance  Living Among the Dead
Status Alive
Series lifespan Issue 1 - ?
Ethnicity Latino

Octavio is a Main Character in Living Among the Dead. He is John Tanner best friend, and work colleague.


Octavio grew up on the streets of Mexico. He tried making a living there as a butcher but, then got mixed up in the Cartel. He then became the infamous Crazed Butcher, he was feared by many. Later in life he cut a deal with the FBI to show them where the Cartel was and then got in the Witness protection program under the name of Octavio. He was placed in Hollywood California, where he became a Propane Sellsman at Strickland Propane and later the best friend of John Tanner.


Living Among the Dead

He was the first from the Propane survivors to know what was happening when the outbreak occured. He is fast to act during this time. He was the first to kill a walker and then cut off his boss Hank Hill 's arm. He then took them all to his house where it will be safe.

Killed Victms

Alot of Unnamed People

1 Walker


John Tanner

John is Octavios best friend they have been working with each other for a long time and they have a nice relationship.

Hank Hill

They dont have the best relationship but he tried his best to save his life when he got bit.


Living Among the Dead


  • He resembles Danny Trejo
  • His name comes from Octavio from King of the Hill

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