Vincent Williams woke up after sleeping 2 days straight.

"what the f*ck?" he said when he looked from the windows

"2 days,nice." a voice said behind him

"hey Carley,what is going on" "the zombie apocalypse started,you slept so hard no one touched you" Carley said

"I need to find Troy or Owen or Tom."

"Help!" Tom yelled from outside

"Tom gave us supplies for you and a gun" Carley said

Vincent took a shotgun and went outside as he saw the Campman brothers (In order:Brian,Owen and Jonathan.) shooting zombies

"Tom,im coming" Vincent said shooting the zombies

when he saved tom he saw troy and his Wife Lilly looking at them

"do you want to join us?" Vincent asked "Sure friend" Troy said

Carley got out of the apartment and everybody took theire supplies and left.

2 Hours Later

"the zombie are not scary,the scary thing is loosing your family." Owen said in the van

"We need the cure,we lost our jobs and life,we need to cure this thing" Vincent Williams said

"we're Out Of Time."


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