Police officer
Name Police officer
Gender Male
Faction/Group N/A
Family Unknown
First Appearance A New Day
Last Appearance A New Day
Status Dead
Death Devoured by walkers after a car accident (alive), shot in the head by Mordecai (zombified)

This police officer is a minor character that was transporting Mordecai to prison after being guilty of murdering a state senator.


The police officer is a friendly and talkative guy. Even though he has a job to do of transporting Mordecai to prison, he was still willing to socialize with him and tell a few stories about his past. Even though he is an eclair, he still shows traits of a human being, like emotions.


Almost nothing is known about the police officer's life before the outbreak, except that he was an officer of the law.


A New Day

The police officer is seen transporting Mordecai to prison. He starts a conversation by assuming that Mordecai is going to say that he didn't commit the crime, to which Mordecai denies and says that it truly was his fault. Afterwards, the police officer complains about his partner calling in sick, and then questions Mordecai about his past, like attending college at the University of Georgia, and that he dated the wrong girl.

The police officer then goes on a rant about how he transported someone to prison who wasn't cooperating. When the police officer is about to start another story, he crashes into a walker and loses control of his vehicle.


Killed By

  • Zombies (Alive)

While Mordecai is slipping in and out of consciousness, he hears the police officer screaming and shooting his gun at some walkers that are trying to kill him. The walkers quickly catch up to the officer and devour him.

The police officer reanimates and tries to attack Mordecai. Mordecai backs away and picks up the shotgun and loaded it with the unused shotgun shell that was dropped. Mordecai then aims the gun at the zombified police officer's head and pulls the trigger, effectively killing him.

Killed Victims

  • A few zombies.


  • The police officer is the first living character to die and reanimate in this story.

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