Name Ralph
Gender Male
Faction/Group Ralph's house
Family Felix (brother, deceased), Unnamed man (father, deceased)
First Appearance A New Day
Last Appearance A New Day
Status Unknown
Death N/A

Ralph is a minor character in The Regular Dead. He is the older brother of Felix.


Ralph is a calm, and kind man. He is friendly towards people and is welcoming to his home. He is shown to care a lot about Felix, where he expresses relief that he came back safely and was happy that Steve came with him.


Nothing is known about Ralph's life before the outbreak began, except that he is Felix's older brother.


A New Day

Ralph walks out of his house and greets Felix. He then turns his attention towards Mordecai and Vanellope and welcomes them with open arms. Ralph notices Mordecai's leg injury and volunteers to fix it. While working on Mordecai's leg, Ralph questions him about how he hurt himself and what he was doing when everything started, to which Mordecai answers honestly.

Felix speaks up and tells Ralph that the fence needs to be fixed in order to prevent any attacks from occurring, to which the latter agrees on. After finishing up his conversation with Mordecai, Ralph and Felix walk into their house, getting ready to go to bed.

The next morning, Ralph is seen standing on his porch and enjoying the morning air. He has a brief conversation with Mordecai before hearing Felix scream. Ralph arrives at the scene a little too late, and discovers that Felix has been devoured. Felix manages to utter a few words before passing away. Enraged, Ralph kicks out Mordecai and company from his property. Ralph is last seen mourning for Felix as the others leave.

Killed Victims

  • Possibly a few zombies.


  • Ralph takes on the role as Hershel Greene in The Walking Dead game.
  • Hershel and Shawn have a father-son relationship, while Ralph and Felix are brothers.
    • Additionally, Ralph and Felix weren't brothers in Wreck-It Ralph.
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