Chapter 1

Reed and Marco exits from their bunker, and realizes that life isn't ever going to go back to the way it used to be. "I'm scared, dude." Reed says to Marco. Marco pulls out a cigar, and begins to smoke it just as they look up in the sky. "The sky is dark, yet it's only morning. What going on?" Marco asks Reed. "I guess that World War III ended, since we can't find any living person around here." Reed answers to Marco before grabbing a cigar out of Marco's backpack. As Reed lights up his cigar, Marco spots a dark figure falling onto the ground. "Hello!!!" Marco yells for the dark figure as he runs towards it. "What are you seeing?" Reed asks Marco. Marco walks up to the dark figure, and it's revealed to be a zombie. The zombie tries to reach for Marco, but is stuck on a broken pipe sticking from the ground. Marco spots a pistol near the immobile zombie, and grabs the pistol. He becomes hesitant on whether he should use a bullet or not. Reed walks up to Marco. "Let's save the bullet for later." Reed says to Marco just as the two throws their cigars onto the zombie before walking away.

As the two walks down the road, they spot an old man with a hunting rifle. "Have any of you seen any animals nearby?" The old man asks the two. "No. We've just exitted from our bunker." Marco answers to the old man. The old man pulls out some whiskey, and begins to drink it. "I'm an alcoholic, which sucks. The addiction is still in effect even when the shit hit the fan." The old man says to the two. "What's your name?" Reed asks the old man. "My name is Jeffrey Collins, and I'm one of the survivors of the nearby town of Georgeville." Jeffrey answers to Reed. "Can we join you?" Marco asks Jeffrey. "Sure." Jeffrey answers to Marco. Marco and Reed begins to follow Jeffrey into Georgeville.

Marco and Reed looks as three other survivors are farming as they follow Jeffrey. "Welcome to Georgeville. Over at the farming field are Timmy, Burt, and Angie." Jeffrey says to the two. A woman with scars all over her face walks towards Jeffrey and the two newcomers. "Who are they?" The woman asks Jeffrey. "They're friendly survivors that supposedly came from the bunker that we tried to open up before, Jessica." Jeffrey answers to Jessica. "They better not try anything stupid around here." Jessica says to Jeffrey. "I'm your father, so don't get mouthy towards me." Jeffrey says to Jessica. "We don't even know enough about the zombies." Reed says to Jessica. "Wait a really are from the bunker." Jessica says to the two. "Yes. We are. We've only came across one of them. It was impaled through it's chest. Do we have to destroy the brain or something else?" Marco asks Jessica. "You'll have to destroy the brain." Jessica answers to Marco.

Reed looks as Marco begins to get sick with a fever. Georgeville's doctor begins to care for Marco. "Can you tell me what's wrong?" Reed asks the female doctor. "He has hidden a bite wound. The amount of strain antigens that we have are very limited, so we'll need to hurry before he dies and turns. Hopefully, the strain of zombie that bit him was violet or teal." The female doctor answers to Reed. "Why are you saying strain?" Reed asks the female doctor. "There's many strains in the world now. There's the common Orange, Green, White, Yellow, Red, and Gray. There's the rare Violet and Teal. Violet has an antigen, but it's so rare that only one person nearby has the whole stash of it. Teal, however, has no cure." The female doctor answers to Reed. The doctor discovers that the strain is Violet. "Shit...." The female doctor says to herself. "Kelly! What strain bit him?" Reed asks Kelly. "It's the violet. Go talk to Gabriel and Tanner. They got the location of whether Proctor is at." Kelly answers to Reed. "How long do I have to get it before he turns?" Reed asks Kelly. "8 hours." Kelly answers to Reed.

Reed looks as Gabriel and Tanner gives him the location. Reed walks to the car garage, and drives one of the car out of Georgeville to Proctor's location. Reed arrives at an small fenced-in community. A scientist walks towards the gate. "What do you want?" Proctor asks Reed. "I need a Violet Antigen. My friend has gotten bit." Reed answers to Proctor. "Take a few, and leave now." Proctor says to Reed just as he gives Reed 10 of the antigens. "Thank you, Proctor." Reed says to Proctor just as he leaves. Proctor walks to his house, and begins to work on creating a possible antigen for the Teal strain.


  • Reed Sullivan
  • Marco Delgado
  • Jeffrey Collins
  • Timmy Smith
  • Burt Summerville
  • Angie Johnson
  • Jessica Collins
  • Kelly Aniston
  • Gabriel Montez
  • Tanner Collins
  • Proctor Wilson


  • None


  • First appearance of Reed Sullivan.
  • First appearance of Marco Delgado.
  • First appearance of Jeffrey Collins.
  • First appearance of Timmy Smith.
  • First appearance of Burt Summerville.
  • First appearance of Angie Johnson.
  • First appearance of Jessica Collins.
  • First appearance of Kelly Aniston.
  • First appearance of Gabriel Montez.
  • First appearance of Tanner Collins.
  • First appearance of Proctor Wilson.
  • This is the first chapter of the story.
    • It is also the first chapter to feature no deaths.

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