Chapter 2

Reed begins to drive back towards Georgeville just as several bandits appear to hold him at gunpoint. "Give us all of your supplies, and we'll spare your life." The ringleader says to Reed. "I have to return to my group to give a friend of mine the violet antigen." Reed says to the ringleader. "So you're ignoring the boss' authority?" The second-in-command asks Reed just before he gets sniped in the head by Gabriel. "Scram!" Gabriel yells at the bandits just before getting shot in the chest by Cletus. Reed pulls out his pistol, and shoots Cletus and one of his other gang members. "Please don't kill me!" The young bandit yells for Reed. "Now you give me all of your supplies, and get the hell out of here." Reed says to Jake. Jake begins to run away just as Kelly, Tanner, and Jeffrey begins to arrive. Jeffrey and Kelly helps to carry the wounded Gabriel into Georgeville just as Tanner approaches Reed. "I'll give your friend the antigen. Just stay on a low profile within our community. Most of us don't like killers." Tanner says to Reed. "I had to defend myself." Reed says to Tanner.

Tanner begins to approach Marco. "Did Reed get the antigen?" Marco asks Tanner. "Yes. I'm going to inject it into you." Tanner answers to Marco just as he injects the antigen. A man in a sheriff outfit begins to arrive. "I'll need you and Reed to be evicted out of here." The sheriff says to Tanner. "Clint, they defended this place against a bandit group." Tanner says to Clint. "I don't give a damn." Clint says to Tanner.

Reed begins to pack his bag up just as Marco arrives. "Where will we go?" Marco asks Reed. "We'll be looking for another place." Reed answers to Marco.

A man appears to be sitting on his porch of his deck. "Victor, Jake came back from attempting to rob a man. Turns out, he had a violet antigen with himself, and Cletus and his two other crew members were killed." The messenger says to Victor. "Dante, this means that we must get ready for a potential war." Victor says to Dante.

Proctor begins to write a journal entry just before Clint arrives. "Give me all of your supplies, Proctor." Clint says to Proctor. Proctor pulls out his pistol, and shoots Clint in the head. Jeffrey begins to arrive inside. "Proctor, holy shit dude." Jeffrey says to Proctor. "Clint was a bastard." Proctor says to Jeffrey.

Reed and Marco begins to arrive at a walled community. "Halt." The guard says to the two. "We're friendly survivors!" Marco yells for the guard. "Franklin will greet you at the gate." The guard says to the two. The gate opens just as a young business man appears. "Hello. Welcome to Fort Sebastian. The guard is Cornelius Walters. I'm Franklin Monroe, the leader here." Franklin says to the two.


  • Reed Sullivan
  • Marco Delgado
  • Jeffrey Collins
  • Kelly Aniston
  • Gabriel Montez
  • Tanner Collins
  • Proctor Wilson
  • Cletus Warren
  • Jake Mathis
  • Clint Roberson
  • Victor Hutchinson
  • Dante Ross
  • Cornelius Walters
  • Franklin Monroe


  • Two unnamed members of The Cartel
  • Cletus Warren
  • Clint Roberson


  • First appearance of Jake Mathis.
  • First appearance of Victor Hutchinson.
  • First appearance of Dante Ross.
  • First appearance of Cornelius Walters.
  • First appearance of Franklin Monroe.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Cletus Warren.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Clint Roberson.
  • This is the first chapter to feature a death.

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