Starved For Help (The Regular Dead)
Season 1, Episode 2
The Regular Dead Episode 2 Starved For Help
Post Date September 11, 2014
Written By JustSomeGuy23
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Main Characters
Mordecai, Vanellope, Rigby, Eileen, Rancis, Margaret, Benson, CJ, Techmo, Thomas
Minor Characters
Dave, Sensai, John Sorrenstein, Muscle Man, Muscle Mom, Save-Lot Bandits, Jolene

"Starved For Help", retitled "Episode 2" is the second episode of JustSomeGuy23's The Regular Dead.


The episode begins with Mordecai and Techmo out in the woods attempting to hunt for some food. Along the way, the duo hears somebody screaming, and they run to investigate. They find a group of people in desperate need for help. The group consists of Thomas, his friend Dave, and their teacher Sensai, the last has his foot stuck in a bear trap. The walkers are attracted to Sensai's pained cries, and the group are unsure on how to free him. Mordecai resorts to hacking off Sensai's trapped foot, which causes him to pass out. Thomas is taken to the motel, while Dave quickly gets overpowered by walkers and is devoured.

Back at the motel, the group is dismayed to see that Mordecai, Rigby, and Techmo have returned with more mouths to feed. Margaret, who takes on the role as the group's de-facto leader, scolds Mordecai, Rigby and Techmo for bringing Thomas and Sensai. After the argument ends, Margaret forces Mordecai to hand out the rations for the day.

Eileen informs Mordecai and Rigby that Sensai had succumbed to blood loss due to his amputation. After about a minute, Sensai reanimates and tries to attack Eileen. Mordecai saves Eileen, but now he's in the fire himself. After a brief struggle, CJ dispatches the undead Sensai. Rigby calls Thomas out for not informing the group that Sensai was bitten. He then reveals to everyone that they are all infected.

CJ discovers two strangers near the motel, and she stops them in their tracks. The two strangers reveal that they are two brothers living at a dairy farm, where they need gasoline to power up their generators in exchange for some of their food. Mordecai is quick to accept the brothers' offer and he, Techmo, CJ, and Thomas head to the farm to check it out.

Upon arriving, Muscle Mom introduces herself and welcomes the group with open arms, giving them a basket full of biscuits. Muscle Mom informs the group that their last cow isn't feeling well, which Techmo tells her that their group has a veterinarian. Muscle Mom says that they should bring the whole group along. The group agrees and sends CJ and Thomas back to the motel to get the others.

John asks Mordecai and Techmo to clear out the fence which is clumped with walkers. Mordecai and Techmo agree to do so. While securing the perimeter, the electric fence turns on and Techmo is shot by an arrow that was fired by the Save-Lot Bandits. Mordecai and Techmo flee from the scene and they inform John that they were attacked.

During the discussion, the rest of the group excluding CJ and Thomas arrive at the dairy and immediately notices Techmo's wound. Muscle Mom and Eileen head inside with Techmo to tend to his wound, while everyone else discusses their next course of action regarding the bandits. Muscle Man plans on heading to the bandit's camp to do some recon.

Once there, Mordecai and Muscle Man discover that the camp they found is too small to be the bandit's main base. Mordecai looks in the tent and discovers Vanellope's hair tie. Afterwards, a crazed woman named Jolene finds Mordecai and Muscle Man and threatens them with her crossbow. After when Mordecai tries to talk Jolene out into committing the murders, Muscle Man takes matters into his own hands and murders Jolene in cold blood.

After returning to the dairy, Mordecai overhears Rigby and Margaret bickering, sparking Mordecai's curiosity. He ventures into the barn, returns Vanellope's hair tie to its rightful owner, and then discovers a locked door in the back of the barn. Rigby, suspicious, tries to coax Mordecai into opening the door. The avian discovers a multi-tool and uses it to mess up the generator to distract John, buying Mordecai time to get the door open. When he's about to start, the dinner bell rings, signaling that it's time to eat. Rigby, Eileen and the children head off to eat while Mordecai works on the door. After busting into the room, Mordecai is horrified to discover that the room is full of bloody tools. John catches him and explains that him and Muscle Man use the room to skin and butcher animals that they hunted in the woods.

Mordecai and John enter the house, the former still suspicious about the Sorrensteins. After Muscle Mom reassures Mordecai that Techmo is fine after questioning his presence, the avian makes an excuse so that he can go up stairs to snoop around. In doing so, Mordecai discovers a secret room that is blocked by the bookshelf in one of the bedrooms. He enters the room and discovers that Techmo is the main course. The helpless survivor warns Mordecai to not eat dinner. This causes Mordecai to head to the dining room in a hurry to stop Vanellope from eating, which he successfully does in the brink of time.

Muscle Mom reveals her family's true nature after Mordecai discovers their secret and they lock him, Vanellope, Rigby, Margaret and Benson in a meat locker to prepare for slaughter. In a fit of rage, Benson starts shouting at the Sorrensteins to release them, causing him to collapse from a heart attack. Frightened, Rigby makes the decision to destroy Benson's brain before he reanimates, assuming that he's dead. Margaret on the other hand frantically tries to revive Benson. Mordecai is then pitted to choose between helping Rigby by restraining Margaret, or perform CPR on Benson. Mordecai picks the former option, causing Margaret's hatred towards both Mordecai and Rigby to be solidified.

Mordecai manages to convince Margaret to let him search Benson's corpse for some coins to unscrew the air condition unit off. He sends Vanellope through the air vent and she unlocks the door, freeing the group.

Mordecai and Rigby head out to investigate what's going on, only to find Muscle Man angrily muttering to himself while keeping guard of the barn. The duo make a plan to jump Muscle Man, but the plan instantly backfires when Muscle Man discovers them. Mordecai and Rigby apprehend Muscle Man and trap him in a bear trap he set up. Eileen cries out which alerts Rigby's attention. Mordecai then makes the decision to spare Muscle Man, angering Margaret in the process.

Mordecai heads out on his own to search for Rigby. Luck is on his side when CJ and Thomas return to the dairy. Mordecai brings them up to speed and asks for their help. While CJ and Thomas head towards the back, Mordecai sneaks up front and tries to coax Muscle Mom into releasing Eileen as her hostage, knowing that a zombified Techmo is trying to reach for anyone that heads towards his grasp. Muscle Mom is devoured by Techmo, and Eileen is released.

Mordecai and Eileen head outside to see Rigby running forward to rescue Rancis, who is currently being held hostage by John. The Sorrenstein shoots Rigby on the abdomen, disabling him from attacking. CJ then shoots John, grazing his ear, which Mordecai uses as an advantage and attacks John. Due to the steep slope, Mordecai and John tumble down, the latter gaining the upper hand. John attempts to shove Mordecai into the fence, in which Vanellope rescues Mordecai just in time by grazing the side of John's head with a gunshot.

Mordecai give John a vicious beating before being stopped by CJ. Still not giving up, John antagonizes Mordecai by demanding him to finish what he started and that he's done for as soon as Muscle Man and Muscle Mom come outside. Mordecai states that they are both dead, which devastates John. Mordecai spares his enemy, leaving a broken John screaming for Mordecai as the walkers close in.

After the group's escape, Mordecai thanks CJ for showing up when she did. In return, she gives him the video camera that he found back at Jolene's camp. Rigby pulls Mordecai aside and tells him that he wants him and Vanellope to come with him when he, Eileen and Rancis leave the motel.

Rancis calls for Rigby because he hears a beeping sound. Mordecai and Rigby investigate and find a seemingly abandoned car. Rigby discovers that the car is full of food and supplies. He, Eileen, Vanellope, and Mordecai agree to take the stuff, while Margaret and Thomas are against it. After taking the food and supplies, a troubled CJ calls Mordecai over to see the video that was recorded on the camera.

In the video, Jolene is spying on the group from a distance. She sees Vanellope and says to herself that the bandits have got their eye on the dairy and that as long as they keep getting food from the Sorrensteins, Vanellope will be safe, and then the episode comes to an abrupt end.



  • Dave
  • Sensai
  • Unnamed Save-Lots Bandit
  • Jolene
  • Techmo
  • Benson
  • Muscle Man (Presumed)
  • Muscle Mom
  • John (Presumed)

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