Name Steve
Gender Male
Faction/Group None
Family Unnamed woman (mother)
First Appearance A New Day
Last Appearance A New Day
Status Unknown
Death N/A

Steve is a minor character in The Regular Dead. He is a blue jay, just like Mordecai.


Steve is a calm and friendly man. At first, he was skeptical around Mordecai and Vanellope but quickly warmed up to them. He's shown to be a team player when he helps keep watch of the zombies, while tending to Felix's truck.


Nothing is known about Steve's life before the outbreak, except that he's best friends with Felix and that he lives with his mother.


A New Day

Steve is first seen trying to push a car out of the way of their path in the street. He complains that they are never going to get out of this mess and that it's hot dish night at his house. When Mordecai and Vanellope appear, Steve pleas them not to eat them, which Mordecai reassures that he's not going to hurt them. Steve introduces himself to Mordecai and Vanellope. The conversation is short lived when the zombies are approaching. After successfully pushing the car out of the way, Steve hops into the truck bed just before the zombies could kill him.

Later that same evening, Steve and the others make it to Felix's house. He then hops out of the truck bed and tells Felix that he's going to head home, with his reason being that his mother might be worried sick about him. He looks over at Mordecai and Vanellope and tells them that it was nice to meet them before walking into the darkness, making his status unknown.

Killed Victims

  • Possible a few zombies.


  • Steve takes on the role as Chet from The Walking Dead game.
  • In Regular Show, Mordecai and Steve are related to each other, with Steve being Mordecai's uncle. In this story, they are not related and don't know each other.
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