As Marcus and Billy arrived at their house, they realized that something bad happened.

"Momma and Pa better be alright."

"Billy, I don't think so."

Marcus picks up his baseball bat from the ground, and he enters his and Billy's home.

"Momma? Pa? You all here?"

Marcus discovered the home to be ransacked, and vandalized by their fellow bullies.

3 teens breaks through the back door, and begins to attack Marcus.

Billy finds a handgun off the ground, and ran into the house.

"Marcus, I..."

Billy realizes that his brother is getting hurt, so he fired the handgun at the bullies, and manages to fatally wound the ring leader.

"Oh...shit! Run!"

The 2 other bullies flees from the house, and the dying bully tries to reach his dagger, but Marcus grabs it.

"Maverick, you fucked up. We're gonna go after Ryler and Chucky."

Marcus puts Maverick down.

"Billy, stay here! I'm going after Ryler and Chucky."

"Marcus! Wait!"

Marcus gets on his bike, and chases after the two bullies.

As Marcus and his bike trips over a large rock, a zombie grabs Marcus's leg, and bites into it.

Marcus tries to flee, but he faints, and reanimates.

Zombies starts to break the windows while Billy retreats while holding onto the handgun.

Billy runs upstairs to his room, and blocked the door with his chair.

"Marcus! Help!"

Billy begins to believe the possibility of his brother not coming back.

Billy hears voices under his bed, and aims, and it's revealed to be his best friends.

"Bubba! Troy!"


  • Maverick
  • Marcus


  • First appearance of Billy Foley.
  • First appearance of Bubba.
  • First appearance of Troy.
  • First mentions of Mr. Foley.
  • First mentions of Mrs. Foley.
  • Last appearance of Marcus Foley.
  • Last appearance of Maverick.
  • Last appearance of Ryler. (Unknown)
  • Last appearance of Chucky. (Unknown)

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