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This wiki is ran by a group of fans of The Walking Dead and other series led by TWDFan630 and his fellow staff members. Be sure to read the rules, and follow by their guidelines.

There are currently 1,060 articles as of February 2018 since this wiki's creation in August 1, 2014.

Staff Members

TWDFan630 - Founder
Survivor56 - Bureaucrat
Abraham Grimes - Bureaucrat
TheRealPro - Bureaucrat
ConnerJ34 - Bureaucrat
CoolGuy45 - Bureaucrat
Brianpr - Administrator
MikeyBro333 - Administrator
MillionDollarBoy - Administrator
MadDog749 - Content Moderator
SniperPro2013 - Content Moderator
WildlifeMan14 - Discussions Moderator
BigBrotherLuke2000 - Discussions Moderator
Fallout4Fan1999 - Discussions Moderator
ScorpionFan23 - Discussions Moderator
Chandler45 - Discussions Moderator
BillyGreeneTWD - Discussions Moderator
BenjaminEl2001 - Discussions Moderator
Rick Grimes Is Awesome - Chat Moderator
HaloPro6 - Chat Moderator
T-Dog2001 - Chat Moderator
CoolSurvivor16 - Chat Moderator
LuckySoldier67 - Chat Moderator
ShooterMan91 - Chat Moderator
MisterPro47 - Chat Moderator

Wikis Connected To Here


  • Lights Out(Completed) - A fan remake version of Whodunnit? that'll be written by TWDFan630. There will be 22 characters, but one will die to start the investigation. Beware, the characters will have to deal with zombies while they're stuck on an island , where there's no escape until the killer is reveal.
  • Review on Users/Part 1(Completed) - Reviews about the first authors on this wiki(TWDFan630, ABirARbel11, Slycooper, and JustSomeGuy23) of this wiki as the beginning of the reviews. This will be the first review blog made for the other users to review about the people.(No Trolling/Spamming/Harassment/Sockpuppetry/Lying Allowed At All) This project has been confirmed to be held by Abraham Grimes.
  • Review on Users/Part 2(In Planning Mode) - Reviews about the legends of "Before This Wiki" and the former UFSW Members(TWDFan630, SniperPro2013, CoolSurvivor16, Matthew49, Adam58411) that helped to create the ideas that helped to make this wiki. (No Trolling/Spamming/Harassment/Sockpuppetry/Lying Allowed At All) This project has been confirmed to be held by TWDFan630, and will be produced in 2017 or 2018.
  • Survival Games(Active) - A fun community-based activity between this wiki and it's allies. Only five members from each wiki can participate.
  • Many More To Be Planned Out....

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