Episode 10

Stewie wakes up in his bed as Madison lays next to him. He looks at the clock, which says 9 AM. Stewie gets dressed, and begins to do a solo scouting run. Stewie begins to walk through the forest, and sees two survivors patrolling the road. "Nathan, I'm glad that Roger is having you take second lead. This is your opportunity for you to take over." TJ says to Nathan. "Roger's been nice to me, but I don't know if I really want to do anything that major." Nathan says to TJ. As Stewie begins to sneak away, he accidentally steps on a branch. Nathan and TJ aims at Stewie. "Hands up!!!" Nathan yells at Stewie. Stewie walks up to the two as he holds a rifle. "Don't hurt me. I'm trying to survive this. I'm not a bandit." Stewie says to the two. "What's your name?" TJ asks Stewie. "Stewie." Stewie answers to TJ before igniting a smoke grenade, and flees as Nathan and TJ looks in confusion.

Stewie runs into a small department store. Stewie looks as three armed survivors gets surrounded by zombies. "Hey! Help us!!!" Snyder says to Stewie. Stewie begins to lure the zombies away from Snyder, Bernie, and Booth. Stewie lures the zombies outside, and sees the three men running out of the store. "Come with me." Stewie says to the survivors just as they arrive back to the MacRoy Safe-Lands.

Stewie looks at a map of the surrounding area alongside Fitzgerald, Raekwon, and Merle. "Merle, you'll have a small squad set up a small camp for a mortaring camp. We'll take on the Reed Safe-Zone with them. Fitzgerald, you'll lure the Dereal Colony guards alongside your medium-sixed squad. Then you'll make them as prisoners for myself to determine whether they live or die. Raekwon, you'll be sending out broadcasts to increase our amount of survivors." Stewie says to the others.


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