Episode 11

Nathan grabs his modified assault rifle from the armory. Dwight grabs several arrows as Sally grabs some ammo for her modified sniper rifle. Angela walks into the armory alongside Ben. "Sally, Ben wants to learn how to be a good marksman. While you, Dwight, Nathan, TJ, and Greg are out, maybe you could teach him some helpful tricks and hints of being a good sniper." Angela says to Sally. "I can teach him. Give him one of those other sniper rifles, and also give him a pistol and a dagger." Sally says to Angela just as Carson enters the armory. "For the last 4 months, you've proven yuo're worthy to our cause that I've decided to declare as the second leader, or also known as second-in-command." Carson says to Nathan. "Why me? Why not Johnathan?" Nathan asks Carson. "Johnathan is one of the main targets setted by Stewie MacRoy and the MacRoy Safe-Lands. You've earned your keep, and you've done more around here than any other person. Justin and I are good friends from before the apocalypse. You and I must keep him safe from any harm. He'll make a cure for all of us to exterminate the zombies once and for all." Carson answers to Nathan. "You and your squad must take out a small mortaring camp. At least 35 hostiles are camped there." Carson says to Nathan. "We'll try our best, Carson." TJ says to Carson.

Nathan, TJ, Dwight, Sally, Ben, and Greg sneaks up to the mortaring camp. Nathan looks as he recognizes Synder, Bernie, and Booth. "I know three of them. Try not to kill them." Nathan says to the others. "They're an enemy now, Nathan. They probably don't remember you." Dwight says to Nathan. Sally snipes Snyder in the head as Dwight shoots Bernie and two others. Nathan aims at Booth, and shoots him in the head. Nathan begins to shoot at 13 other MacRoy soldiers. Greg begins to reload as an asian soldier charges at him with a bayonetted rifle. Ben shoots the man in the head. "Yusuke!!!" Merle yells for Yusuke just as he shoots Greg in the shoulder. Nathan sneaks behind Merle, and stabs him in the back, and throws him down. "Where's the rest of your men?" Nathan asks Merle. "Fuck...." Merle answers to Nathan before Nathan proceeds to executing Merle. A wounded man begins to sneak behind Sally, but gets shot in the head by a mysterious man as he arrives alongside Brian, Lia, Burt, and Benji. "He saved us from a large group of zombies." Benji says to Nathan. Nathan walks up to the man as the man has a bloody katana. "Who are you?" Nathan asks the man. "Chris Wayans." Chris answers to Nathan. Dwight drags another wounded man up to Nathan. "This guy defected from the MacRoy Safe-Lands. He wants to give you details of who we're dealing with." Dwight says to Nathan. "I'm done with Stewie MacRoy. He's evil now." Raekwon says to Nathan. Nathan and TJ looks at each other. "Remember that walk on the road, and how he tricked us?" TJ asks Nathan. "Yes. I remember." Nathan answers to TJ. "How can I trust your word?" Nathan asks Raekwon. "I'll kill for the Reed Safe-Zone." Raekwon answers to Nathan just as Sally drags Madison up to the others. "This bitch was spying on us." Sally says to the others. "Stewie will avenge me. I'm his girlfriend. Kill me, and he'll seek your head." Madison says to Nathan. Nathan aims his pistol at Madison, and shoots her in the chest, and begins to aim at Raekwon's head again. "I don't need any details. I cannot trust you." Nathan says to Raekwon. "Wait! Some former high school students from the Freedom Wall College are held as prisoners. They're looking for you, Nathan DeVries." Raekwon says to Nathan. "Where is the MacRoy Safe-Lands?" Nathan asks Raekwon. "I'll show you." Raekwon answers to Nathan just as Madison reanimates. "Place a pillow case over her head." Nathan says to Brian. Brian manages to place over the zombified Madison's head. Ben looks as a young girl charges at him, and she pulls out a dagger just before he shoots her in the eye. Sadie falls to the ground, screaming. "Everyone, let's get going." TJ says to the others. Ben pulls out his dagger to put Sadie down, but Sally stops him. "Let the zombies finish her." Sally says to Ben. The two walks away, and looks back as several zombies begins to devour Sadie.

Nathan arrives at an abandoned warehouse alongside the zombified Madison. "Stewie. I got one of your people. Madison Morrison for my fellow high school classmates. Have them unharmed. Deal or not deal?" Nathan asks Stewie via walkie talkie. "Damn you......Fine. Deal." Stewie answers to Nathan. Nathan smirks. "Let the games begin." Nathan says to himself.


  • Snyder
  • Bernie
  • Booth
  • Yusuke
  • Merle
  • Argus
  • Madison Morrison (Alive)
  • Sadie Morrison
  • At least 15 unnamed MacRoy Safe-Lands soldiers

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