Episode 4

Daniel and Greg travels back to Roger's Community as Nathan and the others stands there as they're packing up. "Nathan, what the hell is going on?" Daniel asks Nathan. "Roger and several others are sick with a mysterious virus. I've taken control of the group, and we're planning on heading to a safer area." Nathan answers to Daniel. "Greg here has a place for everyone to go to. Just wait here a minute. I'll give mercy to the sickened survivors." Daniel says to Nathan. TJ, Angela, Sally, Benji, Carlos, Dwight, and Brian overhears Daniel's statements. "Do it quickly. For the sake of everyone's reputations." TJ says to Daniel as Brian hands him a silencer. "It makes it quiet so we don't even know that they're dead." Brian says to Daniel. Daniel walks away.

Daniel enters the infirmary. Daniel looks as Quinton lays on the closest bed as blood begins to come out of his eyes. "Daniel, please do...." Quinton says to Daniel before kills Quinton out of mercy. Daniel begins to cry just before coming across Sturgess and Nathaniel, who goes flatline, and puts them down. Daniel comes as Roger as he lays on the bed after he died from the mysterious virus. Roger reanimates just as a sickened Stuart exits his bed. "Don't put me down....." Stuart says to Daniel before Daniel shoots the zombified Roger in the head. Stuart cowers down to Daniel. "Your wife......your daughter......They want peace for you. This virus you have will kill you. They were leaving here to think that you'd be a zombie. I've told everyone that you and the others are to be put down or killed out of mercy. I'm sorry, Stuart." Daniel says to Stuart before killing him. Nathan enters the infirmary. "Let me put down Ryker's dying parents, and then we'll leave." Nathan says to Daniel just before coming across Richard and Sarah, and he kills the two out of mercy. Nathan and Daniel begins to hug each other as they begin to cry.

2 days later. Daniel and the others begins to arrive at the Reed Safe-Zone. "Stay safe out there." Nathan says Daniel. "Don't worry. Me, Will, Todd, Joseph, Terrence, Noah, Erron, and Sandra will be safe out here." Daniel says to Nathan before he and his new squad walks away from the Reed Safe-Zone.

Daniel and his new squad comes across Darren's Group, and sees the fortress abandoned. Daniel looks as the heads of Erin, Ross, Grant, Sasha, and Curtis appears on pikes. A spraypaint on the wall says, "Darren Reed is the true enemy." Daniel looks at the heads, shocked about the fate of both The Sneakers and Darren's Group. If Dante wasn't previously killed earlier, he appears scared under the corpse of Joey. "Daniel.....Darren is coming after you." Dante says to Daniel. "Dante, find shelter." Daniel says to Dante. Dante proceeds to running away. "Squad, we'll be chasing after Darren to take him down." Daniel says to the others. If Owen was previously spared, he shoots Todd in the head. Daniel looks as Terrence shoots Owen in the shoulder before Erron kills Owen. If Owen was previously killed, Todd decides to abandon the squad, and flees.


  • Quinton Marksman
  • Nathaniel Herrings
  • Sturgess Reynolds
  • Roger Anderson (Alive and Zombified)
  • Stuart Cals
  • Richard Lucas
  • Sarah Lucas
  • Erin (Confirmed Fate)
  • Ross (Confirmed Fate)
  • Grant (Confirmed Fate)
  • Sasha (Confirmed Fate)
  • Joey (Confirmed Fate)
  • Curtis (Confirmed Fate)
  • Todd Taggart (Determinant)
  • Owen Winsley (Determinant)

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