Episode 6

Stewie appears in his gun store as he, alongside his wife, son, brother, and two friends, gathers all of the guns, and begins to drive back to their home as he sees his father, and several others building up a wall. "Stewie, Monica, Flynn, Donnie, Mike, and Neil; Help out on defending this place. To kill those zombies is to shoot them in the head." Will says to the others. "Monica, go into my father's house with our son, Flynn." Stewie says to Monica before kissing her. "Brother, help us." Donnie says to Stewie just as a zombie grabs Donnie. Stewie shoots the zombie in the head, and looks as Mike and Neil are pinned down by zombies. Stewie realizes that he has two options.

Choice Set #1: Save Mike or Neil

Choice: Save Mike

Stewie shoots the zombie off from Mike. "Thanks." Mike says to Stewie just before Neil gets killed by the zombie. Mike runs away, and goes missing.

Choice: Save Neil

Stewie shoots the zombie off from Neil. "Thanks." Neil says to Stewie just before Mike gets killed by the zombie. Neil runs away, and goes missing.

Stewie goes up to the zombie, and pulls out his dagger, and stabs the zombie in the head, and puts Mike/Neil down.

2 days later. Stewie and the other MacRoy Family members sits at their dinner table. "Thank god that you were a construction worker. You've built the MacRoy Safe-Lands to defend this neighborhood." Monica says to Will. "I must make this place be a sanctuary for everyone. We're going to reinstate the rule of law to this world. There's going to be the return in proper government, and I'll be the man that does it." Will says to the others. "Will there be elections or will this be a monarchy?" Donnie asks Will. "I'll make either you or Stewie my heir." Will answers to Donnie. Stewie looks at Flynn. "Whoever is your heir, their heir will be me, right grandpa?" Flynn asks Will. "Yes." Will answers to Flynn. Someone knocks on the door. "Come in." Will says to the person at the door. A man walks in as he wears a businessman suit. "Hello, Will MacRoy. Nice job on leading your community. I'm Carson Reed, and I'm the leader of the Reed Safe-Zone. I'd like to be allied with you." Carson says to Will. Stewie smiles at Will. "Dad, do it." Stewie says to Will. "Yes. We'll be allied in favor of humanity. We all need to work together." Will says to Carson. "Thank you for agreeing to the alliance. I'll speak to you in a week to discuss talks of allied supply runs." Carson says to Will before exitting the house. "Hopefully he isn't scamming us like those damn scammers on the phonelines." Donnie says to Will. "Donnie, go on lookout. Make sure that Carson isn't a false man." Will says to Donnie. "Dad, Carson doesn't seem like a bad man. He wants to work with us. Why would he try to trick us when we're all trying to get along, and trying to survive this whole ordeal? He's an honest man, and we don't need to spy on him. That's betraying the alliance." Stewie says to Will. "Fuck you, Stewie." Donnie says to Stewie just before he pulls out his pistol. "Donnie, lower your gun, and chill out." Monica says to Donnie. "Fuck your ideas, father." Donnie says to Will before shooting Monica in the head. "Mom!!!" Flynn yells for Monica, and cries on her corpse. Stewie tackles Donnie, and begins to punch Donnie repeatedly in the face. "Stewie, we'll hold a council meeting regarding your brother's fate. Murder is against the law, so he may be tried for murder, and he may face the death penalty." Will says to Stewie. Stewie knocks Donnie out, and he grabs Monica's corpse, and begins to bury her corpse in the madeshift cemetery.

The Next Day. Stewie looks outside the window as Flynn is playing on the playgrounds with several of the children. Stewie looks as Carson and two others sits in his living room. "Donnie was executed for murdering my wife. My father has regretted having his own son executed. He wants me as his heir. I'll need to bring myself and my son to live at your place, Carson." Stewie says to Carson. "It's a risky decision, Stewie. Your father needs you." Johnathan says to Stewie. "Johnathan is right, Stewie. Reconsider moving away from here. Will needs your help, and things will get better for everyone, even your boy. Your wife, Monica, will always be there for Flynn, even if he can't see her." Felipe says to Stewie. Stewie begins to cry just as Carson, Johnathan, and Felipe leaves the house. Fitzgerald enters the house. "Scott and his son found an underground bunker behind Emelia's house." Fitzgerald says to Stewie.

Stewie and Fitzgerald arrives at Amelia's house, and sees Scott and Kentli talking to Emelia. "Why were you hiding your underground bunker?" Stewie asks Emelia. "My husband was an escaped convict, and he thinks that the world is still the same. If you go down there, try to calm Hugo down." Amelia says to Stewie. "I'll try." Stewie says to Amelia. "Be safe down there, Stewie. Hugo has an assault rifle, and he nearly killed me and my father." Kentli says to Stewie. "Fitzgerald, cover me down there." Stewie says to Fitzgerald.

Stewie and Fitzgerald enters the underground bunker. "Hugo! It's me, Stewie. You tried to kill Scott and Kentli, so you'll need to calm down." Stewie says to Hugo just before discover a zombie attacking Hugo. "Get this fucker off from me!!!" Hugo yells for Stewie. Stewie pulls out his dagger, and stabs the zombie in the head, and looks as Hugo has a bite on his shoulder. "This fuckers bites hard. What the hell has happened to this world?" Hugo asks Stewie. "There's a zombie apocalypse." Stewie answers to Hugo just as Amelia arrives in the basement. "Hugo! You're bit! Oh no!!!" Amelia yells for Hugo. Hugo passes out. Amelia begins to try to revive Hugo. Stewie has two choice at this moment.

Choice Set #2: Stop Amelia Or Ignore Amelia

Choice: Stop Amelia

"Get off from him." Stewie says to Amelia. Hugo reanimates, and Fitzgerald shoots the zombified Hugo in the head. Amelia pulls out her knife, and slits her throat. "Lock my bunker......and leave now." Amelia says to the others before dying. As Fitzgerald exits from the bunker, Stewie looks as Amelia reanimates, and begins to slowly chase him. Stewie ties the zombie Amelia to a chair, and places her zombified self into a small closet alongside the zombie corpse, and the zombified corpse of Hugo. Stewie exits from the bunker.

Choice: Ignore Amelia

Stewie and Fitzgerald looks as Hugo reanimates, and bites Amelia in the face. Fitzgerald shoots Amelia in the head, and puts the zombified Hugo down. Fitzgerald and Stewie places the corpses into a small closet, and exits from the bunker.


  • Mike (Determinant)
  • Neil (Determinant)
  • Monica MacRoy
  • Donnie MacRoy
  • Hugo (Alive and Zombified)
  • Amelia (Alive, Determinant)

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