I got of the bar with my stepdad and Ratboy as the Red Tigers leader Ramon got out of the bar too

"hey you!" he yelled to me "f@ck you!"

"you are drunk Ramon,get the hell out of here" Ratboy said

"f@ck you" he said as he broke his bottle and tried to stab Ratboy

Ratboy shot him in the chest,a big mistake

everybody was shocked as a member of the Red Tigers went to check him,Ramon woke up and bit him

"WHAT THE-" a shocked Ratboy said as he shot him in the neck with no reaction

i went there as he ate another guy and shot him in the back of the head as we saw more dead pepole like Ramon coming

"lets get out of here!" i said

"good idea" my step dad Clay said

we went to our bikes and escaped the bar to the middle of new york

some guy came out of Danny's Donuts and yelled "GET IN!"

we went to store after we ran out of gas

"Doug we cant bring pepole here" another guy said

"why Ethan?,becouse the manager that abandon us said so?" Doug answerd

Ethan was quiet

"im Doug Schrader,this is Ethan Blake and we work here" Doug said

"im Ratboy" Ratboy said

"Ratboy? really?" Ethan said

"his name is Reginald Benson a.k.a Ratboy,im Dave and this is my stepdad Clay" i said

"Nevermind,we should boared up the windoes,so we can live without pepole eating us" Ethan said

"you mean zombies,like in movies?" Clay asked him

"yes" Ethan answered

"my friend DJ he will bring us weapons,he is camraman from the local news but as you see a quit becouse of the zombies" Doug said

"there is a safe zone our manager told us about but its in New Hapshire" Ethan said "the radio and news said that an hour ago

DJ came with weapons and whaether broadcaster Walter Goodman with him.

"great,he came!" Doug said in a happy tone

The door was locked and the windowes were boared up but walkers grabbed Ethan from the boarded windows and everybody got out to fight zombies

and start the motorcycles and cars

"i cant leave you kid" I said and saved his life

"thanks" he said

I got to my motorcycle and said : "New Hapshire,here we go."


  • Ramon
  • A few Unnamed Pepole

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