Two days after we left new hampshire we stopped at a motel at Macon.

"i guees we have to stop here" Kenny said

"i guees we can pick supplies here" I said

"Good idea" Doug said

me,Clay,Ratboy,Ethan,Doug and Dwight went to search for supplies in the motel as we saw a guy standing near to a room

"drop your weapons" Ratboy said

"what the-" the shocked man said

"drop them" Ratboy kept saying

"think again" another guy came out of now where with a shotgun

then another guy came with an axe

"Chester,aim too" one of the guys said to the guy Ratboy aimed at

"we can sort that out" Ethan said

"i agree" Chester said

one of the guys took Ethan hostage

"Jason stop!" the second guy said

"no way Shawn,he is getting a bullet to the head if they dont drop their weapons"

"ok,just be calm" Clay said

five seconds after that Clay quickly shot Jason

"im sorry for that,im Shawn Henry and this is Chester" Shawn said

"Lets see how Jared is doing" Chester said

when we got into a room we saw some guy sitting and eating a sandwich

"HI" he said while eating "its lunch time,knock your self out"

"actually,they need to go to our bus,we came here to inform you Jason is dead since he tried to kill that kid" Chester said

"my name is Ethan" Ethan said

"im Clay,this is Dave and the other guys are Doug,Ratboy,Dwight and Ethan"

"im Jared,hey i got a question,can we come with you? this motel is getting not safe."

"sure" I said

as we came out we heard a scream coming from one of the rooms

"Dave,come with me" Jared said

we entered a room and we saw some girl there getting bit

"Vicky!" Jared said

"leave her,walkers are coming,you dont want to lose more pepole right?

we left the room and we all got to the bus

"whats next?" Doug said



Vicky (alive)

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