We talked about an escape plan with Troy and Kobe as a girl with a grey T shirt and a neckless with the name Jane in it

"Ethan right?,i can get you out of here if you date me" she said

"no way" he said

she pulled a knife out of her backpack "come,now" she said

I grabbed the knife and stabbed her in the stomeck

"lets put he on a bed and cover it" Kobe said

"good idea" Doug said

"gourd!" Clay called the gared

"yeah?" the gourd that came said

"whats your name son?" Clay asked

"its Bernard" Troy said

"what do want?" an annoyed Bernard said

"the newcomer here,went to sleep and didnt woke up" i said

"i will check it" "hey you" he said when he came to the bed and pulled up the blanket and then a zombified Jane bit him

"AHHH" he yelled

Richard came and saw what happend

"bite victum,hate them" he said and putted both of them down

they got me,Doug,Troy and Kobe out of the cell and they got Kenny and another guy out of cell 14 and out of cell 12 they got a teenager out.

"and who is that?" I asked Kenny about the other guy

"im Carlos" he answered

"and you?" Kobe asked the teenager

"im Gabe" the teenager answered

they locked us in the cafiteria

"well we thought of an escap plan,want to help guys?"

"yeah im in" Carlos said

"i cant even speak,my cell is high secured,but if you escape then take me with you,please" Ben answered

"Sure" Troy said

Gourds came with Richard when suddently the PA system is heard

"what the-" a Shocked Richard said

"the PA system!" Brian said

"Timmy,go shut that down!" Richard said to one of the gourds

"just as planned" Troy said


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