when we got into the bus Ratboy showed us a bite on his arm

"we have to take him down" Doug said

"we can chop his arm" I said

"NO!" Ratboy said in panic

"really?,just put him down or i will!" an angry Jared said "i should have killed you for Jason!"

we kicked Jared off the bus to the herd and saw him get eaten by zombies

"dont feel sorry for him,he is just stupid" Chester told Ratboy

we stopped at a house with two survivors :Wyatt and Paul another bite victum

"he is my brother" Wyatt said

"put me down" Paul told him

Wyatt puted Paul down as i putted Ratboy down

"im sorry" I said before killing him

"its okay" he answered

we left the house as we saw a shadow

"Hi Dave,nice to see you."


  • Jared
  • Paul
  • Ratboy

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