That morning The water flow and any water around the island they were on was green and zombies started to get smarter getting things like base ball bats and knifes to help kill any survivers.Life with zombies had just gotten a'lot harder.

Omackie woke up seeing his brother,Attackie,and his old friend,silence beside him.He got up As Attackie told him the news."G.E. has ordered a rescue mission.100 Men have gone out scouting and none have come back.He wants me and you in this mission."As Omackie got in one of 5 tanks that were going on the rescue mission,He could hear gun fire and people yelling as zombies were attacking the reinforced walls and barbed wire around the base.

As all 5 tanks rolled out on the mission Omackie could feel the infected air around as the tanks charge into the city.He saw as each time a charger zombie would come charging at them one of the tanks would shoot it blowing it up to nothing.As they drove on More zombies with zombies started to appear.Omackie could now tell how the scout team had gone missing 5 tanks were just surviving.No way 20 humvees could.But then on top of a roof there was 51 men that had gone in the scouting group.They shouted that they were the only people left alive.

They got back to the base with 50 of the men because 1 of them jumped right into a charger trying to kill him self.Back at the military base they now had 9,950 men,10 tanks,80 humvees,and 20 Apcs.Could they survive for another day? for now...

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