Issue 10

Nathan walks to the mansion, and sees the leader walking out with his wife and son. "Lawrence!!!" Ethan pulls out his katana. "We're not looking for another assassin to try to kill my father." "I'm not an assassin. I needed to ask your father something." "Go ahead." Nathan walks up to Lawrence. Ethan leads his mother towards the recreation center near the apartments that Nathan and his group lives in. "What do you want, Nathan." "Can you send me and another guard to check on Justin." "He got exiled. We don't go after exiled members. Since you've proven to me that I can trust you with things, go right ahead." "Actually, I'll send my brother with me." Chase and Alice walks by. "What am I gonna do, Nathan." "We're gonna check up on Justin." "Why?" "I still want him to be alright." "Ok. Let's go." Chase kisses Alice. "We'll be back."

Nathan and Chase arrives at a Gas Station. "Justin?" "So he had reinforcements. Guys, come out so we can kill his new friends." An archer behind Taven shoots his arrow into Chase's head, killing him. "Brother!!!" Nathan holds his deceased brother's head up. "Prepare to die..." Justin and three others arrives. "Go away, madmen." Taven still stays alongside 4 others. "We'll do our dirty work a little more...." Nathan gets up, and pulls out his machete, and decapitates Taven, and impales his machete into the Archer. "Shit He killed Taven and Brody!!!" "Louis and Herricks, let's leave." "Johnny, we'll be dead sooner or later...." Nathan aims his assault rifle at the last three looters, and executes them. Justin inspects Chase's corpse. "Can we come back to the safe-zone...." Nathan aims his rifle at Justin. "We were looking for you. You should be dead by now. So you lured those looters to try to kill us? You don't know what's happening with me. My whole family is dead!!!" "Put the gun down! We were found by him!!!" "I'm giving you all a chance to get away. Go now!!!" Nathan picks up Chase's corpse.

Nathan arrives at the gates, crying while holding his brother's corpse. Arlo and Gareth opens the gates. "Shit! What went wrong?" "Looters ambushed us at the Gas Station. There's still a scattered amount still left out there. They called us some of Justin's new friends. He's definitely involved with them, somehow he is." "Arlo and Nathan, I'll carry Chase's corpse to the funeral home. Father Daniel Ingalls will do the funeral service tonight." Arlo returns to guard duty while Nathan looks for Alice. Nathan finds Alice, who was looking for some flower. "How was..." "Alice notices blood all over Nathan's shirt and tears on Nathan's face. "Chase was murdered by several looters. I'm sorry. I'm having a very horrible life now." "You still have other family?" "They're all dead, or presumed to be..." Alice walks with Nathan to his apartment. "Go to sleep. The community would want you to be in a better mood tomorrow. Alright?"

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