Issue 13

Jordan sneaks into Kelvin's hut, and sees Jacob tied to the chair. Kelvin enters behind Jordan, who throws Jordan to the window. Kelvin aims his pistol at Jacob, and shoots him in the head. Arlo runs in, and decapitates Kelvin.

Ethan walks up to Kyle, who was in prisoner. "Fuck off, prick." "I'm here to free you. I need you...." Christian walks behind Ethan, and aims directly from Ethan's left ear to the other. "Try anything stupid, and you're dead. You'll be locked up now."

Christian and Arlo walks to Nathan, who was in the mansion. "Ethan and Kelvin attempted to overthrow you. Kelvin was killed for killing a innocent. Ethan will be locked up." Nathan looks out the window towards Lawrence. "Free Ethan. I'll tell Lawrence that his son will have to be exiled for his actions." Nathan leaves the mansion.

4 hours later

Ethan leaves the Safe-Zone without any weapons except for a pocket knife. "I'll do something against them...."

Lawrence walks up to Alice. "Did you hear about what my son and his friend did? They tried to overthrow and kill Nathan. Luckly, Nathan survived, but an innocent man died, Jacob Henderson."

Nathan walks outside the walls alongside one of his guards. "What's wrong, Nathan." "I don't know. I miss my family." "I'm Kelly Harrison, and I still think that there's family out there surviving. I still miss Simone. "Who's that?" "My girlfriend. We were planning to adopt a child, but then the apocalypse ruined the adoption process." Kelly begins to cry. Nathan hugs her, also crying.

Nathan and Kelly returns inside the wall of the Safe-Zone, and walks into the mansion. Kelly grabs two cups, and Nathan and Kelly begins drinking. Hopefully you didn't get me drunk. I'm underage." "Sorry....I never knew about your age. I'm 23." "I'm 19. I've spent about 2 years here. I've spent about a 1 year outside these wall since the apocalypse began." Kelly looks into Nathan's eyes, and then she kisses him. "Hey! I think you were..." "I like both." Nathan and Kelly begins to have sex.

Nathan and Kelly wakes up, tied to chairs. "Who did this?" Christian enters the house. "I saw a few teenager messing around in your mansion. They must've pranked you two. Were you both having...." "Shut it, Christian."

A man with a mask on looks at the gates of the Detroit Safe-Zone. "Harrison, Mason, Theo, and William, wait out here while I'll try to introduce this group to our colony." "Be careful, Jude." Jude takes off his mask. "I will."

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