Issue 14

Jude walks up the guards at the gate. "Hey. I'm Jude Hanson, one of the recruiters of the Wayne Colony a few miles from here, near the bridge that's a border between here and Canada." "Can this Safe-Zone trust you?" "Sure, if you trust me and the Wayne Colony." The two guards looked suspicious at Jude, and as they walked away. Two more guards ambushed Jude. Jude pulls out his katana, and as he decapitates Adrian and Hannah, Nathan and Tucker charges at him, knocking him over. "You should die for the deaths you've done." "They attacked me first. It was in self defense. I'm just a recruiter for Wayne Colony. Hopefully you take better care of your guards here. They seem very rude."

Harrison looks as several survivors walks out with Jude. "Looks like something's wrong." "Take a shot, Theo." Theo aims his rifle towards the survivors, and as William trips over him, he accident shoots Tucker in the head. Nathan and Christian looks at Jude, who flees towards the top of the hill. "What the fuck what that, guys. We were making a deal. We're enemies with our new friends now due to your stupid actions. "It was an accident." "Yeah...someone's dead..." Heather cries, and holds Tucker's corpse. Nathan cries, and aims at Jude and his group, and begins to shoot at them. Mason gets shot in his shoulder. "I can't move, Jude." "I'm sorry, bud." Jude shoots Mason in the head. Theo looks at the gunfire in horror. "We've just...." Christian slashes Theo in the neck with his machete, and kill the others except for Jude. "You've fucked up, asshole." Christian kicks Jude in the face. 

1 hour later

The funeral for Tucker occurs, and Justin is revealed to have returned. Justin cries in Alice's arms. "The Wayne Colony will pay for his death." Nathan cries as he finishes his speech.

Nathan walks to the mansion with Kelly. "Kelly, are you good with a sniper rifle?" "Yeah..." "I need you to go to the Wayne Colony, and assasinate some of their guards. Survive." "Alright." Kelly hugs Nathan.

Kelly leaves the Safe-Zone, and arrives at a barn, and spots several zombies. A military truck drives into the barn, and begins to shoot the zombies. "Let's claim this for the Saviors. I wonder when Jude and the others comes back." "Yeah....Jude and his buddies are the only recruiters we'll have to tell the leader that they're dead if they don't return by midnight." Kelly aims at the guards, and realizes that one of them is her brother, so she executes the other guards. "Brother!!!" The last man aims his rifle at Kelly. "Time to die, Kelly!" "I'm sorry...." Kelly gets shot in the chest by her brother. "Where's Jude and the others?" "Jude is the only one alive..." The man shoots Kelly in the head. The man removes his mask, and it's revealed to be Ethan. "What the fuck?." Another Detroit Safe-Zone sniper arrives, and sees Ethan standing over Kelly's corpse. "You've betrayed us..." "Of course, Byron Jones." Ethan shoots Byron in the head. Ethan advances, and begins to aim his rifle at a gas tank outside of the Detroit Safe-Zone walls, and then he spots a huge herd near it. Ethan shoots it, and flees back to Wayne Colony. "The mission is done, Negan." "Copy that."

Zombies starts to break. A zombie is about to attack a child until Luke grabs her, and shoots the zombie in the head. "Douglas, let's get in the apartments." "Alright, brother." The two brothers puts the girl into a room, and barricades it. The two brother runs to their room, and locks the door. "Hopefully they don't break through."

Lawrence looks at the fire at the gate. Several zombie begins to devour Lawrence. As he's getting devoured, Lawrence shoots several bullets in random directions, which one hits Jared in the head. Jared's body falls to the ground. Alice tries to run to his corpse, but a zombie walks up to it, and begins to devour it. Alice arrives at the church. Daniel looks at the door. "Unlock the door!!!" Alice hits the door. A zombie grabs Alice's shoulder. Daniel opens the door, and shoots the zombie in the head. "Get in!!!" Daniel begins to take down the closer zombies before returning to the church. "There's nobody else here."

Justin and Jordan begins to get surrounded by zombies. "Shit...." Jordan begins to realizes that he can't deal with the recent losses in his family, so he charges at the zombies, giving Justin an escape. Jordan is quickly killed by the zombies. Justin retreats outside the gates, where he spots the corpses of his friends who he met with after being exiled 2 years ago. Justin puts them down. As a zombie goes after Justin slowly, Nathan and Christian comes out, and kills it instantly. "We're gonna leave here."

2 hours later

The three retreats to a barn. Nathan spots Kelly's corpse, and cries. Christian and Justin looks out at the bushes, where a man begins to walk towards them. "Bring the others out!!!" Several other men pushes Alice, Daniel, Arlo, Heather, Kyle, Luke, and Douglas towards the three. "One of you will be dead like the rest of your Safe-Zone." Ethan walks behind the man. "Ethan, go ahead and join them." "Negan...." Negan pulls out his dagger, pulls Ethan in front of him, and guts him with it, killing him instantly. Negan pulls out his baseball bat, and crushes Ethan's head with it. "Time for my games to start...." Nathan and the rest of the Safe-Zone realizes that they're in trouble.

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