Issue 15

Negan walks towards Nathan and his group. "One of one will die by my favorite weapon." Negan pulls out a crossbow. "Timothy, Margaret, and Sean, return to the base. Jude, stay here with me and the others. Jude looks at Negan just as a survivor shoots him in the head with a crossbow bolt. "Everyone, run away!!!" It's revealed to be the Highway Raiders. "We've came to help you, Nathan." Emilio and the others guns down all of the saviors except for Negan. Emilio aims his crossbow at Negan's head, and shoot it, killing Negan. The three saviors that left was discovered by two other survivors. "Eric and Darius, execute them." Darius slits the three's throats. Eric becomes disgusted by his friend's actions. "We could've letted them go." "There's no going back, Eric. It's either survive or die. I want to survive. Do you?" "Yeah...." Darius and Eric walks back to the group. Nathan and his group gathers their weapons. "Billy, do you and your friends got a truck?" "Yeah, we got four at the base. We're heading towards Central Detroit. Maybe there's others that'll join us." The group arrives at the base, and enters the trucks. 

Kyle looks at Nathan. "I forgive what your group did to mine. I actually understand. Can I make a mark into your group?" "Yeah." Kyle smiles, then he becomes sad. "I feel bad for smiling during this. Lots of people died." "It's fine. We can't feel bad about being glad or happy. We need a good morale in order to survive this new world." "Thanks. I needed that." "No problem." The group drives up to an apartment building. Nathan, Kyle, Billy, Emilio, and Arlo exits the trucks, and walks up to the door. "Emilio and Arlo, go to the back. Billy and Kyle, check the sides. I'll be going in...." Nathan opens the door, and finds a blood track. Nathan follows it, and discovers two dying survivors. "Help us...." "Who are you?" The two survivors dies before they could say their names. "Shit...." A zombie comes from behind Nathan, and tries to bite Nathan, but Kyle saves Nathan, killing the zombie.

The five returns to the trucks. "Two dead survivors inside, one zombie in there. No supplies." Christian looks at the house. "Can we camp here?" "Sure." Nathan and his group moves into the house. Nathan and Luke puts down the dead survivors, and carries the bodies to a madeshift bonfire, and burns the corpses.

Christian, Douglas, and Arlo packs up for a supply run with Heather and Darius. Alice looks at Billy, who's reloading his rifle. Emilio looks out the window. "You four better get out there before the upcoming horde arrives here. We need a lot of supplies to help barricade this apartment building." Nathan and Luke watches the fire. Luke walks away, and finds a radio. "Nathan, I found a radio!!!" Nathan walks up to Luke, and turns on the radio. "Hello?" "Hey survivor. This is Sgt. Glenn Gibson. I'm here with Pvt. Wayne Utopia and Pvt. Jeremiah Herricks. We're in need of help. Zombies are at the doors of our location in an apartment building near the police station in Central Detroit. I repeat. We need some help." " us...." "We don't want to die...." Luke and Nathan packs up, and joins up with the supply runners, and warns them of the radio message. "Let's hurry." The survivors quickens their pase, and finally arrives in Central Detroit.

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