Issue 18

Kyle looks at Alice, who was laying her head on his shoulder. "Kyle, take a nap. You've been up for too long." Emilio and Travis looked at Kyle, who was very tired. Kyle falls to sleep.

Kyle enters a flashback instead of a dream. Kyle sees the zombie kill the mother and her kids. Kyle kills the zombie, and puts down the family. Kyle arrives at the bunker, but finds dead survivors at chairs with gunshot wounds to the head. "What fuck happened here?" Two men looked at Kyle. "We're here to execute the remaining members of this shiity colony." Kyle shoots the two survivors in the head. Three other survivors arrived. "Manuel? Eric?" Kyle aims at the survivors. "What's your names?" "I'm Pete Blake, and the others are Terry King and Rice McCoy. They're high school students. I'm a part of the resistance." "Terry and Rice, get out." Kyle shuts the door, and shoots Pete in the head.

Kyle wakes up. "What's wrong?" "I had a weird dream."

Several survivors enters a van. "Let's go after Nathan and the others. We need to find them, since the fort has burnt down from a bandit attack." "Yeah, Glenn. Where are they at?" "Anywhere now. They might be heading to NYC now, or at it. Terry and Rice, don't think of me as the smartest person here because I'm not very smart." "Who said that to you?" Terry laughes. Rice slugs Terry in the shoulder. "It was a joke, Glenn. Calm down...." Glenn looks at Terry with anger, and then he enters the driver's seat, and drives the van away from the burning base.

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