Issue 19

The group arrives at a road block. Travis and Darius exits the truck, and begins to scout the area. "Emilio and Bella, get out here!!!" Emilio and Bella exits from the truck. "We need to advance, and check the other areas. As Travis moves up, a zombie grabs his shoulder, and bites into his neck. "Ahh....." Travis falls to the ground as he quickly dies from blood loss. Darius kills the zombie, and puts down Travis. Bella looks at his corpse, then someone shoots her in the head with an arrow. A few bandits begins to shoot arrows at Emilio and Darius. Darius looks up, then an arrow goes through his hand. "I'm fucked now!!!" Emilio pulls the arrow out of Darius' hand. Darius begins to loss lots of blood. Emilio wraps Darius' hand with a bandage. "Don't die yet!!!" Darius smirks, but a bandits walks up to Darius from behind, and the bandit slits Darius' throat. Emilio shoots the bandit in the head. Emilio look behind himself, and sees two more bandits coming up to him. "Time to die...."

6 survivors guns down the two bandits. Emilio stands up, and sees them standing alongside the rest of the group. "Emilio, these are some of the rest of my fellow students. They're on our side. Where's Travis, Bella, and Darius?" "They're dead. It isn't safe here. We must move to NYC quickly." The group enters the vehicles, and drives past the blockades.

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