Issue 21

Nathan and three others gets up, and searches a alley of a small anbandoned neighborhood near Toledo. "You two stick with me." As Nathan walks into a store, zombies grabs the three survivors, killing them. Nathan shoots at the zombies, and locks the door. Nathan turns on his flashlight, and searches the house. "What the...." Nathan sees papers taped all over a wall of a warehouse. Nathan tries to read them, but they're in a different language. "Look's foreign...." Nathan hears tapping sound. Nathan walks down the stairs, and hear someone talking. Nathan realizes that it's gibberish talking. Nathan aims at the survivors. The three begins to plead in a gibberish language. "What language...." The three survivors begins to cry. Nathan looks at a calender chart, and realizes that it's been 4 years already since the apocalypse began. Nathan looked at the survivors, and realizes that they're kids. Nathan lowers his gun, but one of the kids tries to stab Nathan. Nathan, realizing that it's too late to change them, is forced to put them down. "I'm sorry this had to happen to you all...." Nathan walks back upstairs, and as he scavenges for supplies, he finds human flesh in the shelf next to the desk. "This is nasty...." Nathan exits the warehouse, and kills the nearby zombies. Nathan walks down the dirt path.

4 weeks later

As Nathan arrives at his camp, he realizes that they left him behind. "Son of a bitch...." Several vehicles drives towards him, and a survivors walks towards him. "You're Nathan?" "Yeah....Where's my group at?" "They're at the safe-zone, Billington." Nathan becomes suspicious of the new survivors. "Bring them back to here. I need to know that they're alright, and not locked up." The survivors aims their guns at Nathan. "Flee or fight...." Nathan grabs the survivor, and uses him as a shield. "You know who you're fucking with?" "Who are you then?" "The wrong man to mess with..." Nathan releases the man, and the man becomes scared of Nathan. "They're safe. We don't allow newcomers to leave unless if the boss says to do so. This fight doesn't need to happen. We'll be all fine..." Nathan looks at the man. "I'm sorry..." "The others said that you and three others went on a supply run...." "Zombies got the others. I was the leader of the group." "Was?" "How about you all keep them safe, and I'll go on my way to my new place to head towards." "And where's that?" "DC."

2 weeks later

Nathan drives through the outskirts of NYC alongside his group. "Why did you do that?" "We all made a plan. To NYC. If anyone wants out, go ahead." Justin, Alice, Emilio, and Daniel stays in the truck. Terry and Rice walks out alongside Heather. "Go luck...." Terry stops, and walks back to the truck. "Wait here...." Nathan stops the truck. Terry runs up to Rice and Heather. "Trust me.....NYC isn't safe. Join back..." Heather tries to kill Terry, but Rice shoots her. "Let's join back..." Rice and Terry joins the group again.

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