Issue 22

Nathan walks up to several dying survivors, and lets them bleed out. Emilio and Daniel followed him closely. "What have you done?" Nathan stops on his path, and realizes that he's lost his mind. "How long have I been like this?" Nathan cries. Daniel walks up to Nathan. "It's been a year." Nathan looks at Emilio, who's aiming his crossbow at him. Daniel steps in the way. "He's too crazy for me to feel comfortable around anymore. Step out of my way so I can put him down." Daniel pulls out his secret pistol, and shoots Emilio in the neck. Nathan looks at Daniel's supply bag, and sees needles. "What is this?" "I tried something on you...." Nathan pushes Daniel down, and pulls out his machete. "You caused my madness? Fuck you, liar." "I'm sorry...." Nathan is about to kill Daniel, but Terry knocks Nathan out. "Daniel, let's, leave Nathan to die." Daniel looks worried as Terry finds needles in his bag. "What's this?" Daniel confesses to Terry. "You wanted Nathan to kill Billington and cause all of us to die?" "Yes..." "I can't believe this!!!" Terry shoots Daniel in both of his hands. Terry drags Nathan out of the building. Daniel panics as a zombified Emilio gets up. Daniel reaches for one of his empty needles, and stabs it in Emilio's head, putting him down. A mysterious figure enters the building. " me..." The figure appears as a zombie. "You on our property, you die. We're The Guild!!!" The disguised survivor take off his mask, and decapitates Daniel.

12 hours later

Nathan wakes up, and looks at Alice. "I'm sorry for not knowing that Daniel drugged you." "It's alright. He's dead already." Nathan gets up, and sees the rest of the survivors waiting out in the lobby. "We've decided to head back to Toledo to help treat you." A survivor walks in, and remembers Nathan. "I remembered you when I suggested for you to join here." "I was drugged at that time. We're alright?" "Yeah....Dr. Logan Simmons fully took the dose out of your blood. It was gonna kill you. We've saved your life." Nathan smiles, and returns to his hospital bed, and falls to sleep.

Justin and Alice walks to their house in the community. "I'm glad that Nathan is going to be back to normal." "Yeah. He hasn't been nice since 3 years ago. I can't believe that Emilio was killed by Daniel. A zombie probably killed Daniel for good."

Three disguised survivors begins to stalk several survivors. "Shall The Guild kill them all soon...." The three men advances towards the community.

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