Issue 27

Nathan arrives at a gas station, and sees blood all over a window. Nathan walks inside, and sees a man meditating. "Who are you?" The man opens his eyes. Nathan carefully walks towards him. "Who are you, sir." "I'm The Assassin of Grand Rapids." "How many zombies have you killed?" "Too much to count." "How many people have you killed?" "Over 100." "Why?" "They were a part of The New Army." Nathan stares at him. "You...." "Don't question me anymore." The Assassin gets up, and walks to another. He pulls out his crossbow. "I'll do my plans." The Assassin aims at the tied up soldier. "Who are you aiming at..." The Assassin shoots his bolt. "A New Army soldier that I've captured. He told me that they're looking for new recruits. They have new enemies. Billington, McPherson, and Glenn Valley Communities." "I'm the leader of Billington. I never knew about Glenn Valley. McPherson Community is our only ally." "Glenn Valley is a huge colony. The leader is a ruthless cartel leader. They're looters, but they'll be a useful ally to your community. They're going against both The New Army and Jenkins Colony. Jenkins Colony is the biggest colony. The leader is similar to you. They're a better community than Glenn Valley, but they have enough survivors to outnumber The New Army." "Why don't Jenkins Colony attack The New Army?" "They're more worried about making a cure. They have a scientist who's making a cure. Rumors about the scientist is that he never killed anything, not even a bug." Nathan smirks. "He must be allergic to death if he hasn't killed anything."

Edmond and Leon looks as zombies are attacking the guards outside. Leon runs for the door. "Where are you going?" "I'm going to help them." Edmond follows Leon outside, and the two begins to shoot at the zombies.

Clint looks at his wound. "You could've left me to die." "Why?" "I've been bitten somewhere else." Clint reveals his bite on his chest. "Do it before they get in here..." Nicholas puts Clint down, and the survivors in the barn hears a woman crying. Nicholas looks, and sees Amanda bleeding. "What happened...." Nicholas sees the gunshot wound. "We're not having two people. You hear me?" "I want you to tell Edmond.....I'm dead...." Amanda dies while Nicholas cries while hugging her. "Nicholas...." "I need to get some air." Nicholas opens the barn's door, and sees zombies attacking the community. "We're gonna help kill those zombies! Follow Me!!!" Nicholas and the others runs out of the barn, and starts shooting at the zombies.

Billy and Kyle looks as a guard walks up to him. "Are you both guards of your community?" Kyle raises his hand. "I am, but Billy is a supply runner." "I'm Ellis Jarvis, a guard. There's my sister, Cassidy. Dirk is her lover." "Nice to know..." Ellis walks away. "Something seems odd about this place." "I'm having the same feelings here also, Billy."

Patrick walks through the infirmary, and hears someone screaming. Several zombified patients begins to kill the survivors in the infirmary. "Oh shit...." Patrick runs out of the infirmary, and mades a blockade. Patrick looks, and sees Nathan charging into the community alongside another survivor. "Where's Elizabeth?" "She left me behind."

Jimmy and Harry walks up to a small gas tank. "Is that a..." The tank explodes, killing both of them. Mickey runs towards the bodies, then someone shoots him in the head. A New Army soldier runs towards the destroyed gates, but Nathan catches him, and shoots him in the head. Leon runs up to Nathan, and hugs him. "You're alright?" "Yeah." Nathan cries while smiling.

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