Issue 5

Homer shoots Jackson in the back of his head, and aims at Brandi, and shoots her in the head, and begins to aim at Owen. "I'll have you turn, and have your corpse suffer for what you've done." Homer impales Owen with a machete. "Adam and Monte, lets leave this building and kill the rest of this colony." "Alright." The three leaves the mansion, and multiple counts of gunshots are shot all across the colony while screams are heard.

Nathan looks out the window with Issac. "They better hurry themselves up." Issac walks down the hallway, and opens a door, which a zombified survivor bites into his neck, killing him. "Fuck!!!" Nathan looks, and shoots the zombified survivor. "Fuck....not Matthew!!!" Another zombified survivor comes after Nathan, but Alexis saves him. "Get up and help, Nathan...." A zombie comes behind Alexis, and bites into her neck. Nathan quickly runs away, and heads to the command center. "Everyone, evacuate from the school at once. Massive zombie breach." Nathan looks at the corpse next to him. It's revealed to be Jake. "Nathan, you better come with me." Christain, Brady, and Chase stood in front of Nathan. "Where's Madison?" "She......caused the breach. She's betrayed us, brother." Nathan becomes angry at what his younger sister caused. "Where's Mitchell and Jared?" "They've fled alongside others. We're the only ones left, Nathan. There's no going back to this community. The school has fallen. We need to leave now." "We need to stay in case of the three coming back to this mess." "'re right....." "We must try to secure the front parking lot for the three."

Homer, Adam, Monte, and several of the colony's prisoners enters 4 vehicles. "Let's return to the school."

As a zombie scratches Christian. "Shit!!!" Brady tries to aim at Christian, but Nathan stops him. "It's a scratch, dammit!!!" "Sorry...." A zombie grabs Brady's head, and bites on his face. "No!!!" Chase tries to hold onto Brady's heads, but Nathan and Christian pulls him away from him. The remaining three watches as more and more zombies begins to surround them, but they also begin to see several headlights coming after them. "We've came in time!!!" Mitchell and another survivor exits the bus, and begins to kill the surrounding zombies. After the gunfire ends, Homer and the others finally returns. "We've got more survivors....what the fuck happened?" "We need to find a new place to rebuild the community." "Nathan, how about at my neighborhood? One of the neighbors started building walls around several houses, including mine." "You still have the stashed guns in the basement, dad." "Maybe...." "I'm considering heading to Grand Rapids. Can someone come with me?" Chase looks at his dad. "Nathan, I'll be sticking with you." Christian follows Chase. Mitchell and 6 others on the bus raises their hands. "We're in, bud." Monte and Homer enters the bus. "Whoever isn't coming better leave the bus asap." Several survivors exits from the bus. "Dad, are you sure?" "I'll stay to find Madison." Jared looks at Nathan. "Since you've failed to protect the school, I'll pass on your offer...." Nathan stares at Jared, who turns back around towards him. "But, I'll give you a second chance...." Jared enters the bus, and the survivors drives away.

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