Issue 9

Alice slaps Tucker in the face. "Who the fuck are you sleeping with?" "Alice....I can explain!!!" "I'm Heather Willow, one of the supply runners. The only woman in this safe-zone to do it." "Get out!!!" "Sorry....bitch." Heather flips Alice off as she leaves the room. "Alice, I'm sorry." "Do you know what? I'm done with you now. Our relationship is over! I need to find a different place to live here." Alice rushes out the door as Heather returns to the room. "You're okay?" Tucker hugs Heather.

Alice walks up to a door. "Can I stay with you, Chase." Chase opens the door, and sees Alice's tears. "What happened?" "Tucker cheated on me." Alice cries on Chase's shoulder. "Come in. You can live with me. Of course." Chase shuts the door.

3 hours later

Justin drives up to a gas station. "Looks like we got some supplies to loot." Justin pulls out his rifle. "Stop where you all are! I'll shoot if I have to!!!" "Do it then...." "Dwight, no...." Justin shoots Dwight in the chest, killing him. "Shit!!!" Justin executes the two others. Justin checks the bandit's supplies, and finds a map. "What is this?" "You've killed my friends, I'll kill yours." "I have none. Tell me what's this map." "To a small colony in Flint." "Alright...." "I'm Taven. The men you killed were my friends. They were the bad people on my group. I've began to realize now that you did the right thing." Taven hands Justin a watch. "I'll go find the rest of my group. We'll meet here in 2 hours. Alright?" "Got it." "You should go find some more supplies and/or survivors." "Ok." Taven walks away from Justin. Justin enters his truck, and heads towards a small house nearby. Justin walks up to the front door, and finds a man with two women eating food. "Who are you? If you're with those bandits, I'll...." "I don't trust them. The nice person there is Taven." "Taven? He's the leader. He's as much evil as the others. He's probably heading back to the gas station to loot your supplies, and to kill you. You might need our help. I'm Ashton. These are my friends, Laura and Molly." "Nice to meet you all."

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