Issue 1

Nathan sat in his house as Erin began to cut up some meat.

"How was the nap this morning?"

Erin asks Nathan.

"Very relaxing."

Nathan answers to Erin.

Nathan Jr and Lia ran down the stairs, and grabs their backpacks.

"Have fun at school."

Erin says to Nathan Jr and Lia.

The kids leaves the house as Erin walks up to Nathan.

"Be careful on the constable job. After what the Frostly Bar Gang tried to do to you at the main gates, it scared me. Nathan Jr lost his mother 10 years ago when the apocalypse began. You nearly gave up, but you and I started a family. Your son needs a parent, and he's never adjusted to having me as a step-parent. He loves me, but doesn't view me as a parental figure."

Erin says to Nathan.

Nathan kisses Erin on the forehead.

Stephen sat in his house as Regina was performing oral sex on him.

"Don't choke, Regina. I'm gonna burst."

Stephen says to Regina just as Spencer walks into the house.

"Knock it off for fuck sakes!!!"

Spencer yells at Stephen and Regina.

Regina wipes the white stuff off from her mouth.

"I'll see you later, honey."

Regina says to Stephen before getting dressed.

Stephen walks to his master bedroom as Spencer walks to the gun closet, and grabs his sniper rifle.

Nathan opens the main gates for Natalie and Billy.

"Came across any of the gang members?"

Nathan asks Natalie and Billy.

"Nope. None of them in sight."

Natalie answers to Nathan.

Brody looks as Noris, Hailey, and the others carry the wood from the back of the large construction truck to the construction sight.

Spencer walks outside of the colony, and walks up to Brody.

"Seen any of those gang members?"

Spencer asks Brody.

"None since they killed a few of us and since they tried to kill Nathan."

Brody answers to Spencer.

Joseph and his supply runners' team arrives in the city of Flint.

"Can't believe it's been 10 years since the apocalypse started. At least Snyder was impeached, and the water was cleaned before the apocalypse happened."

Joseph says to Sam and Julius.

"I know."

Sam says to Joseph.

The three spots two Frostly Bar Gang members looting several corpses on the ground.

"Hands up!!!"

Joseph yells at the two gang members.

"Try it, fucker."

Tucker says to Joseph.

"Good luck trying to live another day."

Julius says to Tucker.

"Abrams, do it."

Tucker says to Abrams.

Abrams shoots Sam in the head as a third gang member stabs Julius in the neck as Tucker grabs Joseph's gun.

"Thanks, Trisha."

Tucker says to Trisha.

"The Logano couple proved again how good they are."

Abrams says to Joseph.

"Don't kill me."

Joseph says to Tucker.

"None of us gets to not have a kill."

Tucker says to Joseph before shooting him in the head.

Brianna exits from the colony, and goes out to look for the supply runners.

As she enters the city, she discovers the three supply runners' corpse being devoured by the zombies.

Brianna quickly kills the zombies, and brings the corpses back to the colony.

Two days goes by as the funeral of the three supply runners goes by as Nathan prepares to go on a supply runas a replacement supply runner alongside Spencer and Billy.

"We hurry up out there, and we get home as fast as we can."

Nathan says to Spencer and Billy.

Tucker walks into the Bar's manager office, and meets up with the leader.

"Corbin Carlos, we should launch another attack on the Henderson Colony. We came close to killing one of their constables last time."

Tucker says to Corbin.

"We'll see....."

Corbin says to Tucker.

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