Issue 2

Stephen cries as he sees the bodies of the three recently murdered members being buried completely.

Erin walks up to Stephen.

"Where's my husband?"

Erin asks Stephen.

"I've sent him on a supply run with Spencer and Billy, since they're our best. No one else can leave here except for them."

Stephen answers to Erin.

"Screw you."

Erin says to Stephen before storming off.

Stephen looks at Regina, who looks at him in sadness.

"Hopefully, you made a good choice. We have only one child. He dies, our lineage dies."

Regina says to Stephen.

"I made a good choice. I have to make good choices, since I'm the leader. We'll need more survivors, and we'll finally face those gang members."

Stephen says to Regina.

Nathan and the two others enters a small house, and sees an injured gang member bleeding from a gunshot wound to his chest.

"Finish me off, fuckers."

The gang member says to Nathan.

"Who attacked you?"

Spencer asks the gang member.

"My own. They tried to murder some survivors. I letted the survivors go, and I got betrayed. Finish me off like how some of us did with some of your colony survivors."

The gang member answers to Spencer.

Billy shoots the gang member in the head, and grabs his nametag.

"Rest in peace, Hughes. Though you served as one of our enemies, you suffered enough from Corbin."

Billy says to Hughes' corpse.

Spencer places a blanket onto Hughes' corpse, and the three walks out of the house, and comes across four wandering survivors.

"Don't kill us."

The leader of the survivors says to the supply runners.

"We're a part of the Henderson Colony. We're not bandits. We got enough supplies and houses for you all to stay with us."

Spencer says to the survivors.

"Gareth, can we trust them?"

One of the survivors asks Gareth.

"Maybe, Ross."

Gareth answers to Ross.

"Mable and Vincent, stick close to me and Gareth."

Ross says to Mable and Vincent.

Gareth walks up to Spencer, and stabs him in the stomach.

Nathan knocks Gareth out as Billy holds Gareth's fellow group members as hostages.

Nathan tends to Spencer's wounds.

"Kill them if they try anything."

Nathan says to Billy.

As Nathan begins to bandage Spencer, he stops him.

"I'm a goner, man."

Spencer says to Nathan.

Stephen walks to his home, and as he enters it, a masked Frostly Bar Gang member jumps over the wall, and shoots Stephen in the back just as another slashes Regina throat.

Spencer reveals a zombie bite on his shoulder.

"Give me mercy."

Spencer says to Nathan.

Stephen falls down just as Brody, Brianna, and Noris guns down the two gang members.

Brody runs up to Stephen.

"Stick with us, Stephen."

Brody says to Stephen.

"I want peace....."

Stephen says to Brody before dying.

Brody reluctantly puts Stephen down.

Spencer gets killed out of mercy by Nathan.

Nathan looks as Gareth wakes back up.

"Let's kill them all."

Nathan says to Billy just as the two begins to brutally execute Gareth's Group.

Abrams and some of his fellow gang members arrives.

"Hands up!!!!"

Abrams yells at Nathan and Billy.

"TJ, go back to the base."

Abrams says to TJ.


TJ asks Abrams before getting shot in the head by Nathan.

"You killed some of us, you all die!!!"

Nathan yells at the gang members just before a gunfight starts up.

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