Episode 4

Time goes by as Nathan carries a wounded Brianna to a nearby medical center.

"Defend yourself while I'll take on the others."

Nathan says to Brianna.

Billy guards everyone as he hears a walkie talkie transmission.

"Billy, I'm taking on the gang members while Brianna stays in one of the medical centers. I honestly don't know if she'll make it, but prepare for the gang members to try to look for you all. Fuck.....I've been spotted."

Nathan says to Billy before gun fire is heard on the walkie talkie.

The other survivors looks at Billy.

Nathan manages to kill many of the bandits before seeing multiple gang members pulling Brianna out of the medical center.

Corbin walks up to Brianna, and shoots her in the head with his golden revolver.


Nathan yells at Corbin.

Billy and the others hears Nathan yelling.

Nathan aims at Corbin, and shoots him in the chest.

"Every one of you gang members can either surrender or be executed! Drop your weapons, now!!!"

Nathan yells at the gang members.

"We only wanted to fight until our problem was taken care of, so hopefully we don't have anymore beef with you and your group. Corbin ruined our group. We were once good people, but he took advantage of us. I, myself, was the former leader. My name is Ted, and I'll be an ally to you, Nathan. We wanted peace the whole time. I will punish those who has sided full-time with Corbin. You can keep Corbin as a prisoner. He deserves to rot in prison than to die."

Ted says to Nathan as the rest of the colony survivors returns inside.

Nathan Jr and Lia runs up to Nathan, and hugs him as Noris kicks Corbin in the face as Ted and the other remaining gang members helps the survivors with repairing the structures and burying the dead.

Two weeks later.

Nathan visits Corbin in the Henderson Colony's small prison.

"We've gained full trust with the group that you once terrorized. The Frostly Bar Gang is still a gang, but a gang of hope. They're good guys now. You fucked up, Corbin. Your terror had a toll on me. First, I've watched many friends die because of you. Second and last, my wife committed suicide, and my son was forced to put her down because I was too busy trying to kill you. Call yourself lucky because the colony was at first considering making you as a symbol of reminders for no one to fuck with us."

Nathan says to Corbin before a guard walks into the prison.

"Nathan, I'm sorry for what Corbin made us do to you all. I'm.....glad that you've accepted me as one of your guards, since Ted felt like that he was responsible for all of the terror Corbin had done."

Randy says to Nathan.

Nathan leaves the prison, and spots Tucker and Trisha at the main gates.

Nathan cautiously walks towards the gates.

"We want to join your colony."

Tucker says to Nathan.

"Yes, you both can, but if you try anything, I'll kill you and your sister, Tucker. We aren't at war with your old group anymore, since Corbin in now our prisoner. People might want you both dead, but I won't stop them, like you didn't stop yourselves from brutally murdering two of our members."

Nathan says to Tucker.

A masked man stands in the woods outside of the Henderson Colony.

Another masked survivor arrives with a bow and stack of arrows.

"We should find shelter so our enemies don't find us."

The survivors says to the leader.

"You forgot to state where the others are at, Ray."

The leader says to Ray.

"Sorry, Wyant."

Ray says to Wyant.

Wyant punched Ray in the head as the others arrives.

"Ray forgot the rules, so I knocked him out."

Wyant says to the others as they leave Ray behind.

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