Issue 5

Nathan sits in his house as Nathan Jr cleans off his machete.

"Nathan Jr, I want you to be a constable of this place instead of you going to the school. You're getting too old for it, and I'll need you to be behind Billy's back if I were to die."

Nathan says to Nathan Jr.

"I will be a constable, dad."

Nathan Jr says to Nathan.

Tucker begins to craft some swords as Brody and Noris walks up to him.

"Nice job, Tucker."

Brody says to Tucker.

Tucker smiles at Brody and Noris.

"Thanks, Brody."

Tucker says to Brody.

"No problems. At least we've grown onto trusting you and your wife."

Brody says to Tucker.

Trisha returns to the colony alongside three other supply runners.

"We nearly got in trouble with zombies, but a new group saved us. They call themselves 'The Wanderers'. Hopefully, they didn't follow us back."

Trisha says to Brody.

Wyant smirks at the others as they discover the Henderson Colony after following Trisha and the three other supply runners.

"We should attack, and have those people as our slaves."

A wanderer says to Wyant.

"Don't be stupid like Ray. Anyways, did anyone kill Ray after I left him behind?"

Wyant asks the others with no one responding.

Ray runs through the woods, and discovers Natalie and another survivor.

The survivor with Natalie aims his pistol at Ray.

Ray raises his hands.

"Don't kill me like my old group tried to do with me."

Ray says to the survivor.

"Luigi, stand down."

Natalie says to Luigi.

Luigi glares at Natalie.

"This fucker is bad business. We might as well just kill him like how Nathan should've had......"

Luigi says to Natalie before he gets sniped in the head by an unknown person.

Ray pulls out his secret pistol, and shoots Natalie in the head.

Ray aims at the unknown person, who then snipes Ray in the head.

The unknown person exits from the shadows, and drops his nametag on the ground, which his name is revealed to be Raul.

Raul looks down as he drops his nametag before zombies begins to arrive.

Raul shoots at the zombies before a third Henderson Colony recruiter arrives, and subdues Raul.

The recruiter manages to kill off the zombies, and pulls out his walkie talkie.

"Echo, watch for a group called 'The Wanderers'. They're bad news. Also, Natalie and Luigi are dead."

The recruiter says to Echo with the walkie talkie.

The recruiter picks up Raul, and carries him back to the Henderson Colony.

Echo looks as Nathan enters the radio station.

"Trent has given me a warning to watch out for a new group."

Echo says to Nathan.

Trent returns to the colony with Raul.

"What did Raul do now?"

Noris asks Trent.

"He.....accidentally sniped Luigi in the head while aiming at a hostile."

Trent answers to Noris.

Wyant shoots at Trent, Raul, and Noris.

Noris gets shot in his shoulder before Tucker and Brody begins to shoot at The Wanderers.

Trent hands the knocked-out Raul to Noris and Trisha as he begins to close the gates.

Randy and multiple others begins to kill off numerous members of The Wanderers.

Tucker shoots a wanderer in the shoulder.

Wyant looks as the wounded wanderer runs back to him.

"You failed me, Clyde."

Wyant says to Clyde before Tucker shoots Clyde in the head.

Brody gets bit by a zombie.

Several more zombies begins to arrive as Trent pulls Tucker back inside as the two watches in horror as more zombies begins to devour on Brody's body.

Brody screams as he punches at the gate.

Wyant looks as zombies begins to arrive.

Nathan gets onto the wall, and begins to shoot at the rest of The Wanderers.

Wyant shoots at Nathan before Nathan manages to kill Wyant.

Tucker kills Brody out of mercy as he stabs Brody in the head as he continues to hit on the gates.

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