Issue 7

Nathan and Wildey walks to the armory, and begins to collect bullets.

"I'm sorry for what happened with some of your members. We'll take on the Upstate Gang, but we have to take on our main enemy; The Bundy Safe-Zone."

Wildey says to Nathan.

"I'm the second man in charge of our army. Half of our men goes after the Bundy Safe-Zone while the other half takes on the Upstate Gang."

Nathan says to Wildey.

"So you're against my authority?"

Wildey asks Nathan.

Nathan pulls out a pocket knife, and holds it against Wildey's throat.

"I've used this knife to kill some many hostiles. I'm not against your authority, but I have a say in plans. I'm not going to hurt you, but if you disregard any of my plans, I'll make a rebelling army against you and your supporters."

Nathan says to Wildey.

"I got it, Nathan. We'll do your plan."

Wildey says to Nathan.

Wildey exits from the armory as Nathan stands there in shock and sadness.

"What the hell was I thinking?"

Nathan asks himself as Nathan Jr walks in.

"What's wrong?"

Nathan Jr asks Nathan.

"I might've made a wrong choice."

Nathan answers to Nathan Jr.

Billy and Alisha arrives at a small barn, and hears an argument going on within the barn.

Wildey gathers the CAC Army, and announces Nathan's plans to them.

The soldiers begins to clap as Nathan walks up to Wildey, nervous that he might've doomed the CAC Army with death.

As the soldiers packs up, Nathan meets up with Wildey.

"You go with the soldiers that are to face the Upstate Gang while I'll go with the soldiers that are to face the Bundy Safe-Zone."

Nathan says to Wildey.

As Nathan returns home, Nathan Jr is seen crying.

"Wildey told me to stay back here to lead the CAC Guards."

Nathan Jr says to Nathan.

"Do it then, son."

Nathan says to Nathan Jr.

Maverick and his squad return to the crash sight, and discovers a zombified Bundy Safe-Zone soldier.

"Poor Mallos."

Tommy says to himself.

"Mallos was a fool to stay back."

Maverick says to Tommy.

"But sir. He was one of us."

Lance says to Maverick.

"That one guy that killed Mica and the three others was Mallos' killer."

James says to Maverick.

Maverick shoots the zombified Mallos in the head.

A soldier arrives, wounded.

"Sarge, my whole squad was killed by several CAC Soldiers. 14 of us."

The soldier says to Maverick.

"Dirk, stick with us."

Maverick says to Dirk.

Boyd begins to shoot at Maverick and his squad, but Maverick shoots Boyd in the head, and shoots another soldier in the chest.

Nathan grabs the wounded soldier.

"Sage, stick with me."

Nathan says to Sage.

"I will."

Sage says to Nathan as she grabs Nathan's hand.

Alisha enters the barn, and Billy shoots Alisha in the head.

Nathan picks up Sage, who is then sniped in the head by James.

Nathan gets into cover as the other soldiers led by him are killed by Maverick.

Maverick begins to look for Nathan until Nathan tackles him, and holds him as a humen shield.

Tommy, James, Dirk, Lance, Barbara, and Clint aims at Nathan as Maverick is held as a shield.

"You better let Maverick go, fucker."

James says to Nathan.

Nathan pulls out his pistol, and shoots James in the hand.

James drops his pistol.

"Maybe you've should've thought twice before killing my friend who was saved by Wildey and his small crew."

Nathan says to the others.

"Let me go, and I'll explain why we ambushed Wildey and the others."

Maverick says to Nathan.

"If I let you go, then you better not kill me. You caused my toddler daughter to die. Echo fell onto my daughter after you killed Echo, and my daughter is dead. I almost have no more family."

Nathan says to Maverick.

Maverick begins to cry.

"I.........fucked up."

Maverick says to Nathan before Nathan lets him go.

"Can another member of yours explain the reasoning?"

Nathan asks Maverick before Nathan knocks Maverick out.

Dirk steps forward.

"Wildey molested Monroe's daughter, murdered her, and left her to turn. Monroe's daughter then turned within our safe-zone, and nearly killed Monroe. Theresa was there to allow Wildey to do so."

Dirk says to Nathan.

Wildey and his squad arrives, and aims at Nathan.

"That's true, so I'll make sure that you don't speak a word."

Wildey says to Nathan before Nathan shoots him in the head.

The soldiers retreats as Nathan stands there.

"Come with us."

Lance says to Nathan.

Nathan begins to follow them just as his fellow Henderson Colony survivors arrives.

"We discovered the truth of Wildey and Theresa already."

Billy says to Nathan.

Theresa cries as a soldier reports her of Wildey's death.

"We'll need to stay back, and to defend ourselves at all cost."

Theresa says to the soldier.

Monroe looks as Maverick's squad brings in Nathan and his group.

"So these are the same fuckers that had some of us die?"

Monroe asks Maverick.


Maverick answers to Monroe.

Monroe laughs.

"So you all know why we're against the...."

Monroe says to the newcomers before Nathan shoots Monroe in the head.

"Everyone here better think of me as your leader or you better leave now. We're going after the Upstate Gang now."

Nathan says to the others.

The soldiers begins to cheer for Nathan's new leadership.

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