The Opposite Of Dead is a story based on the Walking Dead Comic Series.


Rick and Shane, two brothers who are both police officers, gets a dispatch call for their radio about a high speed chase. Rick and Shane arrives there, and Shane gets wounded by the gunman. As Rick visits Shane, a zombie apocalypse starts up. As the two gets to Rick's house, they find the house looted. As Rick walks outside crying, he gets hit over the head with a shovel. A little boy stands over Rick. The boy's father runs outside, and checks up on Rick as Shane stumbles outside. The man and his son's names are then revealed to be Morgan and Duane.


Volume 1 - Days Gone Bye

Volume 2 - Safety In Numbers

Volume 3 - Behind The Truth

Volume 4 - Find The Unknown

Volume 5 - Too Far Gone

Volume 6 - No Way Out

Volume 7 - Prepared For The War

Volume 8 - All Out War Part 1

Volume 9 - All Out War Part 2

Volume 10 - Made To Suffer

  • TBA


Current Main and Major Characters

  • Rick Grimes
  • Adam Grimes
  • Sophia
  • Philip "The Governor" Blake
  • Rosita Espinosa
  • Aaron
  • Heath
  • Denise Cloyd
  • Harlan Carson
  • Earl Sutton
  • Brianna
  • Tyreese Williams
  • Negan
  • Ezekiel
  • Richard
  • Brian Blake (Coming Soon)
  • Dante (Coming Soon)
  • Magna (Debuts in Volume 9)
  • Tommy (Debuts in Volume 9)
  • Nathan DeVries (Debuts in Volume 10)
  • Johnny "Sharpshooter" Mason (Debuts in Volume 11)
  • Alpha (Debuts in Volume 15)
  • Lydia (Debuts in Volume 15)
  • Jason (Debuts in Volume 15)

Past Main and Major Characters

  • Shane Grimes (Deceased)
  • Amy Harrison (Deceased)
  • Douglas Mathis (Deceased)
  • Cliff Tanis (Deceased)
  • Carol Grimes (Deceased)
  • Thomas Richard (Deceased)
  • Lee Everett (Deceased)
  • Axel (Deceased)
  • Bruce Cooper (Deceased)
  • Hershel Greene (Deceased)
  • Caesar Martinez (Deceased)
  • Oscar (Deceased)
  • Antwan Reed (Deceased)
  • Erron Jonas (Deceased)
  • Otis (Deceased)
  • Gareth (Deceased)
  • Gabriel Stokes (Deceased)
  • Roy Stark (Deceased)
  • Samantha (Deceased)
  • Maggie Greene (Deceased)
  • Derek (Deceased)
  • Peter Anderson (Deceased)
  • Jessie Anderson (Deceased)
  • Glenn Rhee (Deceased)
  • Taggart (Deceased)
  • Morgan Jones (Deceased)
  • Douglas Monroe (Deceased)
  • Michonne (Deceased)
  • Ron Anderson (Deceased)
  • Billy Greene (Deceased)
  • Spencer Monroe (Deceased)
  • Nathan (Deceased)
  • Alexander Davidson (Deceased)
  • Mikey (Deceased)
  • Nicholas (Deceased)
  • Eric (Deceased)
  • Corey (Deceased)
  • Toby (Deceased)
  • Abraham Ford (Deceased)
  • Eugene Porter (Deceased)
  • Rachel Harrison (Deceased)
  • Olivia (Deceased)
  • Brittany (Deceased)
  • Logan (Deceased)
  • Joseph (Deceased)
  • Conner (Deceased)
  • Brian (Deceased)
  • Samuel (Deceased)
  • Tyler (Deceased)
  • Bruce (Deceased)
  • Paul "Jesus" Monroe (Deceased)
  • Dwight (Deceased)


  • Several of the characters had major changes.
    • Tyreese Williams is now Lee Everett
      • This was due to the camp survivors being outside of Macon instead of Atlanta.
      • However, Tyreese Williams appears as a survivor of the Hilltop Colony.
    • Andrea Harrison is now Rachel Harrison.
    • Chris appears early.
    • The unnamed criminal is now Fred Thompson.
    • Lori Grimes and Carl Grimes are now Carol Grimes and Adam Grimes.
    • Shane Walsh is now Shane Grimes, but isn't like the same character.
    • Carol is now Samantha.
    • Ben is now Tommy.
    • Amy Harrison has a bigger role, and Dale Horvath has a smaller role.
    • Douglas Mathis takes up the partnership role of Shane Walsh.
    • Glenn Rhee is a former resident of King County.
    • The first Woodbury survivor appears early.
    • Hershel's Farm appeared early.
    • Allen and his family takes on the Morales Famil;y from the TV Series.
    • Rachel Greene is now Renee Greene.
    • Chris dies in the barn instead of Lacey Greene.
    • Rick's Group moved to a school community instead of the prison.
      • However, the prison appears in Volume 3.
    • Lori dies while giving birth to Judith.
    • Samantha adopts Tommy and Billy
    • The Governor and Gabe appeared early.
    • The Governor is killed early.
      • He takes Gavin's death from the Walking Dead Novel Series.
    • Martinez joined the prison community.
    • Erron leads the prison attack against Rick's Group.
    • Bruce outlived Philip.
    • Billy Greene survived the Prison Battle.
    • Otis took over adopting Tommy and Billy after Samantha and Billy Greene were busy with their own problems.
    • Troy and Andrea are the only Woodbury survivors to arrive at the Alexandria Safe-Zone.
    • Regina, Holly, Tobin, and Bruce doesn't appear within the Alexandria Safe-Zone.
      • However, they were confirmed to be killed before Rick's Group arrives at the Safe-Zone.
      • However, Holly is now Francine, Tobin is now Toby, and Bruce is now Brian.
    • Peter is the abuse victim, and Jessie is the abuser.
      • This was made a change to add a spin on the series.
      • Peter was killed before Rick, Rachel, and Nathan could've been able to help him, since Jessie killed him.
    • It's confirmed that Abraham and Rosita will have a dramatic role change on the series.
      • Rosita will take up leadership skills(Maggie Greene Comics) while Abraham doesn't kill anymore(Glenn Comics).
      • Abraham, however, is killed by the same person(Dwight).
    • An original survivor(Nathan) is confirming to be a large part with solving the Anderson Family Problem with Rick and Rachel.
      • Nathan is confirmed to have been a victim of sexual harrasment from Jessie Anderson.
    • Walton Prison Camp is based on the DC Scavengers, but with several changes.
      • It runs like the Grady Memorial Hospital from the TV Series, but the rules their are stricter.
      • The leader is confirmed to be Derek.
    • Glenn is confirmed to take on Abraham's role from the Comic Series.
    • Billy Greene was the last Greene Family member to die.
    • Hilltop Colony has no leader, but runs like a democracy.
      • However, Paul helps take some control of it.
    • Paul is straight.
    • The Saviors are more brutal.
    • Sampson takes up some of Rick's roles as the war against The Saviors begins.
    • Dante appears early.
    • Johnny takes on a "badass" role at the end of the war against The Saviors.
    • Negan is confirmed to possibly be killed at the end of the war.
    • Alpha is confirmed to be a bisexual character.
    • Jason is an original whisperer who will be with Lydia as her bodyguard.
    • More To Be Added
  • Cliff revealed that he once had a family until the zombies killed them.
  • Some characters are confirmed to not a picture change.
    • This is due to the actual comic lookalikes/counterpart barely appearing enough for another picture.
  • Several prominent characters from the Comic Series has/had fates and storylines changed.
  • Michonne and Ron Anderson was confirmed to be killed by Alexander's Gang.

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