Issue 11

Rick and the others heads back to the farm, and sees that Adam and the others watches as they return. Hershel walks towards Rick. "You can stay longer." Hershel says to Rick as the group moves their stuff into the house.

Rick finds out that Samantha is going out with Billy, and Glenn is going out with Maggie. Cliff and Bud walks outside. Cliff looks at the house. "I don't trust Rick's leadership anymore. Should we kill them all?" Bud asks Cliff. "Sure." Cliff answers to Bud as Rachel is overhearing them. Rachel walks out of hiding, and walks toward them. "I dare you both to betray the group." Rachel says to the two. As Rick, Glenn, and Lacey walks outside, Cliff pulls out a pistol, and aims at everyone but Bud. Bud as pulls out his rifle, he's shot in the head by Rick. Rachel quickly pulls out his rifle, and shoots Cliff in the head.

As the shots were heard from outside of the farm, a large group of zombies begins to walk towards the Greene Family Farm.

The others runs outside after they heard the shots, and finds Bud and Cliff laying dead on the ground as Rick, Rachel, Glenn, and Lacey outside, and Rick and Rachel being armed with weapons. "The two tried to plot a betrayal against us all." Rachel says to everyone.

Billy looks outside of the window. "The gunshots might bring the zombies to here. Just in case, we all should make an escape plan." Billy says to Rick as a selected amount of the group is a part of the inner circle of the group. "Yes. You've made a point about that. We all should prepare, and move into the vehicles, and we all travel to a new place to stay at." Allen says to the others.

As the plan is being made, Lacey and Patricia walks out towards the horses. As Lacey opens the door, a zombie grabs her head, and begins to bite into her face. "Lacey!!!" Patricia yells for Lacey as more zombies arrives at the farm.

As the plan was made, Patricia barges into the house, crying. "What wrong?" Hershel asks Patricia. "Zombies....they killed Lacey." Patricia answers to Hershel. Hershel begins to cry. The group begins to pack up as Bart sneaks towards the RV, and throws a molotav through one of it's windows. As Bart begins to head back to Woodbury, a zombie bites into his neck. Bart begins to cry as more zombies arrive, and devours on him as he dies.

Rick and the others watches in horror as the RV is on fire, and a lot of zombies are coming closer to the farm.


  • Rick Grimes
  • Adam Grimes
  • Morgan Jones
  • Glenn Rhee
  • Rachel Harrison
  • Allen
  • Tommy
  • Billy
  • Lee Everett
  • Bart Kentli
  • Cliff Tanis
  • Bud Tanner
  • Otis
  • Hershel Greene
  • Lacey Greene
  • Renee Greene
  • Susie Greene
  • Maggie Greene
  • Billy Greene
  • Patricia
  • Julie Everett


  • Bud Tanner
  • Cliff Tanis
  • Lacey Greene
  • Bart Kentli


  • Cliff and Bud betrayed the group.
  • The next episode will have at least one death.
  • Bart was intended to die alongside Bud and Cliff.
  • Lacey wasn't supposed to die in this issue, but instead in the next episode.

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