Issue 15

As Erron walks out of Philip, he sees a man looking at him. "Quit staring at me, Troy." Erron says to Troy. "I wouldn't trust him. I think you've made a bad choice by coming here." Troy says to Erron. "Why?" Erron asks Troy. "Talk to someone within the ammunition warehouse. Everyone in there hates The Governor. We all know his real name, but to keep ourselves safe, we must call him The Governor." Troy answers to Erron before walking away. Erron heads into the warehouse.

"Andrea, help me and Dirk carry the crates to the shelves nearby." Owen says to Andrea. "I fucking know!!!" Andrea yells at Owen. "Guys....shut it. One of Philip's goons is gonna kill us." Dirk says to the two. "I'm not one of Philip's goons. I'm secretly planning on taking over. I heard enough shit about The Governor to consider doing a favor for the people. You can call me by my real name, Erron." Erron says to the survivors. "Alright." Owen says to Erron.

Wes walks in as Erron walks to the door, and stands behind him. "Are you willing to join the resistance?" Erron asks Wes. "No. I'm loyal to..." Wes answers to Erron before Erron slits his throat. "We'll have Wes as a part of the zombie army against Philip." Erron says to the others.

Rick and Lee looks as a small group of newcomers goes to the garden, and begins to plant some fruit with Hershel and Samantha. "So Roy adopted little Tony and Bud, Brianna is a doctor, and Martinez is one of the guards?" Lee asks Rick. "Yes. A start to a community. Antwan and the others hasn't seen Erron since me and Rachel chased after him." Rick answers to Lee. Martinez walks over to the two. "I'm glad that you brought me here, Rick. Life here is better than at Woodbury." Martinez says to Rick.

As Bruce and Gabe looks as they cleaned out the ammo warehouse, Philip looks as the rebellion group excluding Erron leaves from the gates. "Erron, stop them." Philip says to Erron. Erron aims his pistol at Philip's head. "You leave or I'll kill you." Erron says to Philip before shooting him in the head.

Gregory, a prison newcomer and guard, walks towards a zombie on the fence, and stabs it in the head. "You die, you zombie bastard." Gregory says to the dead zombie.


  • Rick Grimes
  • Samantha
  • Lee Everett
  • Hershel Greene
  • Philip Blake
  • Gabe Harris
  • Wes
  • Erron Jonas
  • Bruce Cooper
  • Caesar Martinez
  • Troy
  • Andrea
  • Owen
  • Dirk
  • Roy Stark
  • Brianna
  • Gregory
  • Tony Adams
  • Bud Adams
  • Several unnamed Prison newcomers
  • Several unnamed Woodbury survivors


  • Wes
  • Philip Blake


  • It's confirmed that Erron, Bruce, and Gabe will head to the Prison with several armed survivors in the next issue, confirming that several survivors are expected to die in the next issue.
    • It's confirmed that the rest of Woodbury is unknown.

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