Issue 2

Rick places his guns into a bag, and he runs through the town, and sees a group of three survivors shooting at zombies. Rick runs up to the three. "Who the hell are you?" Amy asks Rick. "I'm Rick Grimes. I'm looking for my wife and son." Rick answers to Amy. "I know about a woman that has a son that's missing her husband." Rachel says to Rick. "Her name is Carol and....." Glenn says to Rick. "Carol and Adam! This is great. Where's the camp?" Rick asks Glenn. "Not telling you unless you help us escape from Macon." Glenn answers to Rick. Rick pulls out his revolver, and shoots at the zombies. The four survivors runs through the city, and reaches the exit. "Anyone bit?" Glenn asks everyone. The survivors proceeds to the camp, where Carol and Adam spots Rick, and runs towards him, hugging him.

Rick and the others sits at the campfire at the camp as Dale and Rachel sits in the RV. "What do you think of this Rick guy?" Dale asks Rachel. "He's a good guy. He seems like a man with good intentions. Maybe he'll be this group's leader." Rachel answers to Dale.

Rick and the others goes out into a field, and starts off a practice shooting. "This is for when you get caught up with a zombie, and if a gun is required. I will be watching every step on if you're doing things right." Rick says to everyone. Rick hands each survivor a weapon. The survivors practices the whole day with gun training. As the ammo runs short, the survivors realizes that a supply run is needed. "Glenn, Chris, Amy, and I will go on the supply run. Dale and Rachel, you both take up guard duty." Rick says to the others. Jim walks into the RV with Allen and Donna as Adam, Sophia, Tommy, and Billy are being watched over by Carol and Samantha.

Rick, Glenn, Amy, and Chris returns to Macon, and spots a man with a suit on. "What is Lee doing?" Chris asks Glenn. "I don't know, but he should've return to camp with us." Glenn answers to Chris. The four watches as Lee walks into the gun store. The four arrives at the store, and sees Lee grabs a shotgun. "Guys! You shouldn't be trying to scare me. Who's the new guy?" Lee asks the others. "He's Rick, and he's the group's leader." Glenn answers to Lee. "You a cop?" Lee asks Rick. "Yes." Rick answers to Lee. "You better not be taking me to jail. I was supposed to go to prison, but the cop car crashed, and if I stayed there, then I would've died." Lee says to Rick. "There isn't no law anymore. I won't arrest you. You seem like a good man." Rick says to Lee. The zombies begins to smash on the front windows.


  • Rick Grimes
  • Carol Grimes
  • Adam Grimes
  • Glenn Rhee
  • Rachel Harrison
  • Amy Harrison
  • Dale Horvath
  • Chris
  • Jim
  • Samantha
  • Sophia
  • Allen
  • Donna
  • Tommy
  • Billy
  • Lee Everett


  • None


  • Lee Everett originally wasn't going to appear.
    • Instead, it was going to be Tyreese Williams.

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