Issue 21

After Troy sees that the Woodbury Soldiers' corpses are brought back to Woodbury, Andrea and the others begins to burn the corpses. "We'll need to move on." Troy says to Andrea. "Yeah.....after what the soldiers did to Dirk and Owen...." Andrea says to Troy. "We won't die like them. We'll need to scout for new survivors." Troy says to Andrea. "Fine...." Andrea says to Troy.

As a few weeks goes by, Troy and Andrea has troubles trying to scout anyone new until they discover an armed survivor searching a house in Richmond, Virginia. "I still can't believe that Woodbury was overran with zombies." Andrea says to Troy. The survivor spots the two, and begins to walk up to them. "Hello, survivors. I'm Aaron, and I'm one of the recruiters for the Alexandria-Safezone." Aaron says to the survivors as Eric runs up to him. "We should hurry up. A herd was seen near the safe-zone as two newcomers arrived." Eric says to Aaron. The four survivors begins their journey to the Alexandria-Safezone.


  • Troy
  • Andrea
  • Aaron
  • Eric
  • Several unnamed Woodbury survivors


  • Dirk (Confirmed Fate)
  • Owen (Confirmed Fate)


  • This is the first issue that Rick never appeared in.
  • The cause of Woodbury getting overran is confirmed to be caused by an upcoming group that'll appear in Volume 7.

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