Issue 26

Derek looks as several prisoners are placed near a chainsaw. Derek pulls out a knife. "Goodbye; Eliza, Hyatt, Will." Derek says to the three survivors before slitting Eliza's throat. "No!!!" Hyatt yells at Derek. "Kill me then." Maggie says to Derek. Glenn stares at Maggie in shock. "Don't do this. We need ourselves in order to have a family." Glenn says to Maggie. "Someone needed to take the sacrifice. Hyatt and Will don't need to die for us to suffer more." Maggie says to Glenn before Derek pulls her away. Glenn watches in horror as Derek slits Maggie's throat. Glenn cries, and Abraham blocks him from seeing her corpse being dragged away. Hyatt and Will are placed into their cell. "We all need to think of a way to escape." Will says to the others. "Let me die soon. I'll take on the bait. You others must make it out." Glenn says to the others. "I must disagree with you, dude. I never left a survivor behind, and you're not going to die for my survival." Hyatt says to Glenn.

As Rachel and Rick discusses the situation about the Anderson Family as a young man arrives. "Rick, this is the man that I hired to investigate the family. His name is Nathan. He's 19 years old." Rachel says to Rick. "I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks that something is wrong with the Anderson Family. Jessie seems like a polite woman, but she's evil in the inside. Jessie lured me to her basement to torture me last month because she caught me watching her attack Peter. She's dangerous." Nathan says to the two. "Alright, we'll need to use a vacant house for our plan." Rick says to the two.

Michonne cries as Heath walks by. "Morgan found out about the affair. He's kicking me out of his house." Michonne says to Heath. "You can live with me." Heath says to Michonne.

Billy looks as Glenn, Abraham, Will, and Hyatt runs to the gate. "Derek killed Maggie." Glenn says to Billy. Billy begins to cry before Derek shoots at the five survivors. "Enemies!!!" Billy yells for the others.

Rick looks as Derek walks to the gate, and then he walks to the gate, and aims his pistol at Derek. "Leave this safe-zone alone." Rick says to Derek. "Actually, hell no." Derek says to Rick as he pulls out his pistol, and shoots Rick in the leg. Douglas runs out of his mansion, and runs towards Rick. "Rick isn't the one who you should hurt. I am." Douglas says to Derek before he shoots Douglas in the neck. "Dad!!!" Spencer yells for Douglas as Glenn grabs a shotgun, and shoots Derek in the head.

Rachel and Nathan breaks into the Anderson Family home, and discovers Jessie's corpse. As Nathan opens the master bedroom door, he discovers that Ron is crying over Peter, who is mortally wounded. "Rachel, care for Ron" Peter says to Rachel before dying. Nathan looks as Jessie is revealed to be playing dead, and she gets up, and holds Rachel and Nathan at gunpoint.

Spencer looks as Douglas is brought to the infirmary.

The Walton Prison Camp guards are killed off as Hyatt revealed that the other prisoners went missing.


  • Adam Grimes
  • Glenn Rhee
  • Rachel Harrison
  • Maggie Greene
  • Billy Greene
  • Michonne
  • Abraham Ford
  • Heath
  • Peter Anderson
  • Douglas Monroe
  • Jessie Anderson
  • Ron Anderson
  • Derek
  • Eliza
  • Hyatt
  • Will
  • Nathan
  • Numerous unnamed Alexandria Safe-Zone survivors and guards
  • Several unnamed Walton Prison Camp guards


  • Eliza
  • Maggie Greene
  • Derek
  • Peter Anderson
  • Several unnamed Walton Prison Camp guards


  • It's confirmed that Glenn will do something important in the next issue.
  • Douglas is confirmed to survive the bullet, but will be listed as unknown until he returns.

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