Issue 30

2 weeks after the herd attack, Rick becomes the leader of Alexandria. Adam recovers from his wound, but his missing is forever scarred.

Rick and Rachel walks to the gates as Samuel and Francine aims at a hooded survivor. "Who are you?" Rick ask the survivor. "I'm Paul Monroe, but my fellow survivors calls me Jesus." Paul answers to Rick. "Where's your camp at?" Rachel asks Paul. "My colony? It's near DC. It's called the Hilltop Colony, and there's a democracy there. No leader figure. We've been pinned down by a ruthless group called The Saviors. We need your help." Paul answers to Rachel. "Rick, should we?" Rachel asks Rick. "Yes." Rick answers to Rachel.

Adam looks as Rick, Abraham, Rosita, Sophia, Aaron, Francine, Hughes, and Olivia goes with Paul Monroe as Anthony, Rachel, and Samuel takes up guard duty at the gates.


  • Rick Grimes
  • Adam Grimes
  • Rachel Harrison
  • Sophia
  • Abraham Ford
  • Rosita Espinosa
  • Aaron
  • Samuel
  • Francine
  • Anthony
  • Hughes
  • Olivia
  • Paul Monroe


  • None


  • The next volume is confirmed to have no zombies in it.

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