Issue 32

Harlan walks up to Earl Sutton, the blacksmith in the Hilltop Colony. "I wander if anyone were to try to take up leadership. Paul is trying to take up leadership, but he's the sole recruiter of here, and he recently joined the new group." Harlan says to Earl. "So let it be." Earl says to Harlan. "I can't believe that we're still dealing with those damn saviors." Harlan says to Earl. "Tell me about it. We've should've killed them when we had the chance before we agreed to their terms." Earl says to Harlan.

Rosita and Sophia enters their new house at the Hilltop Colony, and sees that a woman is cleaning the kitchen. "What are you doing in my house?" Rosita asks Brianna. "I'm cleaning your kitchen." Brianna answers to Rosita. "Calm down." Sophia says to Rosita.

Harlan walks to the mansion, and sees three men laughing. "Oscar, Kal, and Tyreese; I need you all to check up on the two new survivors." Harlan says to the three others.

Eugene looks outside of the safe-zone's walls as Adam and Samuel arrives. "You should take a break, Eugene. Get some rest, alright?" Samuel asks Eugene. "Yes...sure..." Eugene answers to Samuel. Adam looks as Eugene stumbles away.


  • Adam Grimes
  • Sophia
  • Rosita Espinosa
  • Eugene Porter
  • Samuel
  • Harlan Cooper
  • Earl Sutton
  • Brianna
  • Oscar
  • Kal
  • Tyreese Williams


  • None


  • This is one of the few issues to not feature Rick Grimes.

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