Issue 33

Dwight, Devin, and two other saviors arrives at an alleyway within DC. "I wander if we should launch another attack on the newly encountered group or not." Devin says to the others. "We shouldn't." Dwight says to Devin. "Maybe we should." Conner says to Dwight. "Conner, don't be so stupid." Bruce says to Conner. Two more saviors arrives. "The other squad is arriving at the Hilltop to gather some more supplies." Charlie says to the others. "Charlie and Eric, stick around with us." Dwight says to the two. "We can't. The Boss wants all of us back to base asap." Eric says to Dwight. The six saviors begins to head back to their base; The Sanctuary.

Rick pulls out a map as Paul, Rachel, Francine, Olivia, Heath, Aaron, and Hughes sat at the table. "We're planning a large area scout group." Rick says to the others. "I'll lead it." Aaron says to Rick. "I'll help him." Francine says to Rick. "Alright. Hughes and Paul, you'll both go on a spying crew with Rachel and Heath. Olivia, you'll be on guard duty with the others." Rick says to the three others. The survivors ends the planning meeting, and goes to their positions.


  • Rick Grimes
  • Rachel Harrison
  • Aaron
  • Heath
  • Francine
  • Hughes
  • Olivia
  • Paul Monroe
  • Dwight
  • Devin
  • Conner
  • Bruce
  • Charlie
  • Eric


  • None


  • Negan, Lilly, and Logan are confirmed to debut in the next issue.

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