Issue 35

Rick looks as Eugene begins to plot against Rick's leadership. "Everyone, Rick is a fool for letting The Saviors kill Abraham and his own son." Eugene says to three others as Brady stands next to him. As Rick pulls out his pistol, the three others begins to pull out their guns. "We're the saviors, and your son is dead." Ethan says to Rick as the two other saviors begins to stare at Eugene as he shoot Brady in the head. Rick looks at Eugene as they're being held until Rachel snipes Ethan in the head. The two other saviors begins to fire at the other survivors as Rick grabs Brady's rifle, and guns the two saviors down. Eugene realizes that Rick isn't a fool. "I'm sorry." Eugene says to Rick. "Pack your shit and leave here now." Rick says to Eugene as Negan, Conner, Charlie, and several other saviors arrives. "Your boy is still alive. Ethan and his two friends were trying to start some problems for you, right?" Negan asks Rick. As Rick looks for Rachel, he discovers that Rachel is being held hostage by Dwight, the man who killed Abraham. "Give me my son." Rick says to Negan. "Give us half of your supplies, and you'll get him back, but you'll have to follow me and my men back to my base while you're blindfolded." Negan says to Rick. "Rachel, lead this safe-zone while I'm gone." Rick says to Rachel. Negan grabs Eugene, and stabs him in the head. "I'm doing this as a punishment for him." Negan says to Rick.

Rosita looks as Sophia is talking to herself. "Who are you talking to?" Rosita asks Sophia. Sophia looks at Rosita. "My mother." Sophia answers to Rosita. Carol's ghost appears in front of Sophia's closet as Rosita walks away after seeing nothing, smiling at Sophia.


  • Rick Grimes
  • Rachel Harrison
  • Sophia
  • Rosita Espinosa
  • Eugene Porter
  • Brady
  • Dwight
  • Conner
  • Charlie
  • Negan
  • Ethan
  • Carol (Spirit Form Only)
  • The Saviors


  • Brady
  • Ethan
  • Eugene Porter
  • Two unnamed saviors


  • The next issue is confirming to reveal some backstory of The Saviors.
    • Negan is confirmed to be a former US Soldier that the zombie apocalypse turned him evil.

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